Interview with Isyrah Fahmi Osman

Isyrah Fahmi Osman, is a final year undergraduate at Universiti Brunei Darussalam(UBD) majoring in Computer Science. The year 2010, was a good year for him. Having won the local and regional competition, he represented the whole Asia Pacific region in Present Around The World(PATW) held in London with his second year computer programming project, a 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube Solver Robot. The same robot also won the Brunei ICT Awards the same year, subsequently giving him the opportunity to represent Brunei at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2010 in Kuala Lumpur.

Having passion and interest in robotics, he has also participated in local and international robotic competitions namely: Robot Blast Competition(Techxpo 2010); ABU Robocon 2010 in Egypt; and ABU Robocon 2011 in Thailand. Although having won on so many occasions, Isyrah is still hungry for more. A laid-back person, he owes his success to his parents and family members, quoting that support, advice and blessings are important in one's life and success.

His Rubik's Robot can be viewed here.


How To Switch Between Screen and Projector

Miana kn meliat display arh screen tani arh projektor? The following example applies to Windows 7.

tekan kekunci window dan tekan kekunci huruf "p" serentak

kemudian arh screen tani ada this pop up dan pilih lah mana tani mau smada kan display arh laptop sja or arh projektor sja or both arh screen and projektor jua

Sekian~ =)



What is e-Government?

E-Government describes the use of technologies by the government to help the citizen, business and even government employees in their access of government services and information.
In the e-government vision, public can:
  • Submit their applications electronically via the Internet and mobile phones, available 24 hours a day.
  • Minimises the time spent queuing and submitting forms at government buildings.
  • The services delivered must be easy to use, navigate and most importantly intuitive.
There are three main authorities responsible for e-Government:
  • E-Government Leadership Forum (EGLF)
  • Overall Government CIO
  • E-Government National Centre (EGNC)


Miana Kan Tue? #10

Hussain (bukan nama sebenar): Bro, last time when aku kan meRecord suara arah my laptop, ia inda "recognise" my Microphone.... Lansung nada bunyi when recording.... Mengapa ia tue? Banyak Microphone dah ku cuba so I guess its not masalah Microphone kan tue?
Zulfadly Ismail: Maybe sal kita alum ubah setting arah volume panel nya kalie.. Here are instructions cana kan enable biskita punya Microphone..
First, double-click arah "volume" icon at the bottom right panel, next to tempat meliat jam.


Interview @ iCentre Part 2

Salam Anak IT.
Image taken from BEDB
It's been a long time since Anak IT's previous interview "iCentre Part1" and today we continue with "iCentre Part2". I met Kumar from John Harith (iCentre incubatee) last Tuesday and asked if he would be available today for a short and informal interview on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and yes I managed to interview him this afternoon. iCentre is located in Kg. Anggerek Desa next to Knowledge Hub (K-Hub).
Just a little info of John Harith:
"John Harith Computer was formed during the Y2K era with the aim to streamline and achieve effective IT solutions to offer the corporate community flexible yet innovative solutions that address their needs for full visibility of their business operations. Our solutions are designed with the insight of future needs for expansion and to maximize business returns.
Most database solutions required a mixture of stored items to be treated in a single predefined data format. Cost of customizing work process and/or system upgrade is high and with limited flexibility. Difficulties with third parties systems integration"


Printing Habit

Salam Anak IT readers.
There are a lot of ways to help contribute to green!! apart from using recycling bags on weekends.
Now here I want to share one easy step to go green. yes this goes to YOU dear reader who knows how to connect your desktop/laptop/pc to printer and print your assignment, articles, documents etc. etc. etc.

Miana Kan Tue? #9

Bibi Kasmira: Just wana ask is it okay to use programs like "Hide IP"?
Ad Hamdan: You cant hide your DNS with that program. But that program quite useful tho. Just my 2cents
Zulfadly Ismail: if you ask "is it okay" then IT IS ok ;) hehe as long as its not pirated perhaps (just saying it legally hehe) and the program has no malware etc. BUT.. its all depending on how are you going to use it and I think you actually wanting to ask beyond "is it okay to use" hehe elaborate bro ;)
Bibi Kasmira: Hee..i mean in terms of security.


Miana Kan Tue? #8

Aziyah Matassan: I don't know how to put this into words nor did i know how to categorize this. Just some random thoughts that I hope to get feedback's from you who would like to share..
From your past experience(s), how do you get ideas to create an application/system? Especially those who have to search for ideas for their assignments/projects or simply coding for fun.
Zulfadly Ismail: For me, first I would list out every MENUS related with then system and see which menu will comes first and forth (set priority). Then, use our most powerful tools in everything; PENCIL, ERASER and PAPER. Sketch the storyboard and draw how the program would look like starting from the splash screen to “departing” the program/application. During this process, programming logic comes later or “nanti tue..” hehe then if everything ok, develop the user interface a.k.a put every elements sketched on the previous storyboard into the “workspace” or “workstage”. If everything ok THEN barutah we do the coding part. Well that depends jua on each individual. For me, I would not start coding if the interface alum ada since I usually skip the “storyboarding” part and develop the interface directly. Yetah sudah my storyboarding tue! haha that’s my shortcut. Different programmer will have different way of making the ball start rolling. Let us see what the others punya style.


Miana Kan Tue? #7

Sunkist (bukan nama sebernar): Salam jul.... aku ani kan format my pc w/ windows xp tapinya i got this error masa boot ke cd:
"Unexpected error(1610547392) occured at line 1773 in D:/xpsp/base/boot/setup/arcdisp.c.
Press any key to continue."
Napa ia catu atu? last time nada pun masalah atu....


Miana Kan Tue? #6

getsuga: mau tnya...miana shorten URL works? cmana it is generated?? and apatah tu? why is like that?
Aziyah Matassan: It is like that so that you can share a shortened long url in limited no. of spaces such as twitter where you can only have certain amount of character allowed per one tweet. dari pemahaman saya la..bagaimana ia begitu.. saya tak tau~ si awang google tau kale

Amalina Kasim: Maybe this will help...? http://blog.fwd4.me/2009/09/short-urls-how-do-they-work.html


Miana Kan Tue? #5

hm: where can i find and buy a graphics tablet here in brunei? thanks! :D
Nuramsyar Hashim: Bit Computer .. AV Electronics


Miana Kan Tue? #4

Messie: 1) Apa OS latest from java? 2) Next is ada article kh on linux? Pasal aku kial2 bh configure ubuntu / red hat jadi server dhcp ku. 3) Lastly pasal web filter/firewall "untangle". Ada cara lain kh kn d bypass? Biasa urg guna ultrasurf (app anonymizer for masking ip add kita). Hehe thanks in advance =D
Zulfadly Ismail: 1) OS from java as in from the "creator" of java or created with java? You may browse on Solaris, OpenSolaris, JX and JNode. You may also want to try out JavaOS as well but its a discontinued OS plang =)
2) Mun pasal article on linux ane bejurit plang rah internet hehe but if you are looking article pasal Ubuntu in bahasa melayu, you may click here ;) but I believe this link will surely tell you a lot more =) good luck!


IT Words in English, Standard Malay and Brunei Malay

English Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Brunei
Computer Komputer Kompiuta
Motherboard Papan Induk Papan babunya
Mouse Tetikus Dang Siti Moden
Keyboard Papan kekunci Ki-bod
Laptop Komputer Riba Lappy
Harddisk Cakera Keras Had-dis
Compact Disc Cakera Padat Si-Di
Virus Infected Terkena Virus Bebirus
Lagging Lambat Meliging
Software Perisian Sof-we
Windows Tetingkap Tabuk
Cursor Anak Panah "Arrow"
Shortcut icon Ikon Jalan Pintas "Shortcut"
Download Muat Turun Don-lod
Connection Sambungan Kuneksion
Website Laman sesawang "Website"
Copy Salin Ko-pi
Paste Lekat Menampal
Cut Potong Kat
Printer Pencetak Prin-ta
Cable Kabel Warai


Miana Kan Tue? #3

Hakimah (bukan nama sebenar): Assalamualaikum, I'm having trouble with my Ipod Touch. I can't seem to connect to the wireless at my home tapi kalau arah rumah org lain selalu dapat. Is it my home's internet yang misti tukar password or something else? =) Thank you.
Zulfadly Ismail: Wa'alaikumussalam. There are certain reasons why you cant connect to ur home's wireless router.. These are some of the reasons:
  • MAC Filter enabled arah your router which your ipod touch's physical address alum register
  • Unsupported network mode (a,b,g,n)
  • Hidden SSID (nda broadcast)
  • Static Channel configuration on your ipod touch (1,6,11)
  • Unsupported wireless security mode (wep, wpa) as well as encryption (AES/TKIP)
  • Your ipod touch uses old password key instead of the new one
And actually depending on what are you doing with the ipod touch when u r at home maybe there are certain ports blocked in the router which u cant use certain apps on your ipod touch.. If I were you, I would try to set the router's security mode to "open" as in nda pakai password langsung. See if that works or not else you might need to access your router's configuration and tweak some settings :)


Reuse - Floppy Disk

Salam Anak IT Readers. "Reuse" series for today is floppy disk.
Do you still have unused floppy disks at home or in office? You might want to turn them out to be like these:
File organizer, box to put in stationery or anything you could imagine of...

If you are creative enough:
Yes. A robot =) but if you realise tangannya setampik punggal =P hehe but still a good work!

It was saying "Welcome to Sekolah Menengah Berakas Open day 2011" =S



Full Control in Windows 7

Salam Anak IT.
Have you ever experienced the following?:

Or maybe you can't access certain folders and files especially when you browse old harddisk which has Windows Operating System installed? Follow these simple steps.
Right click on the folder/file you want to access, then click on "Grant Admin Full Control".

A command prompt will appear showing processes take place.

Then, you are done! Easy right? But be sure your user account is part of the administrators in order to make it work.
Semoga mendapat manfaat mun inda banyak pun, sikit jadi ta =)
Sekian, wassalam.


A Different Way of Presenting

With so many things like assignments and presentations going on in Uni life, you often tend to stumble upon the thought of how to make your presentations much much more interesting. Amazingly, a few days ago, for a certain lecture, I was introduced to a new way of presenting by my fellow peers. They made their presentation very dynamic with words moving here and there.
At first, I thought they had made it from scratch using Flash but then I noticed a logo at the bottom left corner of the screen. 
Now I know I may be a little late on this, but for those who have never heard of this before, Prezi is basically a web-based presentation app launched somewhere in May 2008. So it has pretty much been around for the past 3 years or so. It's easy to access as long as you have the internet, simply go toprezi.com. The website basically looks like this

I was wow-ed by how you can just jump from word to word and zoom in and out easily with the click of a mouse. The presentation would just be on a wide canvas instead of separate slides, like on a Powerpoint presentation. However, in order to start making your own prezis you will have to sign up and upon signing up, this will be asked
In addition, you can also download prezi on your desktop, or your iPad, so that you can just work-on-the-go. Unfortunately, the creators of prezi have yet to release a prezi app for Android, but they have mentioned that they are working on it. Below is a sample of a completed prezi.
I will give further detail after I have completed experimenting with the site. That's all for now folks.


What's going on (in the background)?

When you hear your computer's fans kick in for no apparent reason there is always a good time to check up on what's going on in the background that is driving the CPU to work hard and thus kicking the fans to start in order to cool the working and heating up CPU. Or sometimes when the computer seems to be acting slow, there could be some application or process that is causing the system to slow down. It's time to take a look at the processes (not to be confused with processors) running on your system
Today's culprit is Finder, which is OS X's file explorer that you use to navigate folders in order to find / open / manage your documents and files.
Finder what are you up to using 99.2 CPU usage?
Finder what are you up to using 99.2 CPU usage?

It was using 99.2% of my CPU core's cycles. I closed the 2 Finder windows and my fans stopped in due time. The reason you want to stop this kind of behaviour is that it slows down your system and also causes a lower battery life as it is processing something in the background. I saw no reason for it to behave this way, I closed the windows. If you are encoding/rendering a video you will expect some application to be using the CPU cycles and thus closing that program will cause that action to fail, thus don't just willy nilly close any application that is using CPU cycles.
To view current CPU usage by processes
  • Mac: Open Terminal and type "top -o cpu"  (without the quotation marks) and press Enter
  • Linux: Open the Terminal / Console and type "top" and press Enter
  • Windows: Press Control + Shift + Escape > Click "Processes" tab
    Windows Task Manager - Processes Tab
    Windows Task Manager - Processes Tab
To close misbehaving applications
  • Mac & Linux: "kill -9 PID"  and if that doesn't work "sudo kill -9 PID" (PID is the number under the PID column in the "top" output)
  • Windows: select the process and click the "End Process" button
Hopefully this will help you kill some misbehaving applications and help increase your battery life when you're out and about.

Written By Timothy Lim


Set Your iPhone/iPad Before It's Too Late

Its more like "set your iPhone before it gets stolen" =)
Click on the image above


Don't Steal Computer-Literate's Machine

Salam Readers

As usual, I was reading through #Brunei in the morning and I stumbled into a very interesting tweet by@gd14live. His tweet was "Don’t steal computers belonging to people who know how to use computers -http://t.co/Aln6N03 via @forbes #Brunei"

So basically, I got curious. and check it out..

It was an article about an 18-year-old entrepreneur had his Macbook Air stolen at his college dorm in february. Well basically.. for some of us, once it is stolen. It is long gone. Basically inda dapat di trace balik. That's what Mark Bao assumed as well. So Mark decided to bought a new one

Then he got a chance to recover his laptop. How? Mark installed an online cloud back-up program on his stolen Macbook Air *sebelum kana curi lah tu* called BackBlaze.

After few months, he logged into the service for the first time and found out that his stolen Macbook Air is still being backed up.

Mark said that he looked around the files and found that the thief didnt remove the backup service and create his own user account on the system.

Mark could even see the thief's Safari browsing history, webmail site that contain the thief's email address (which revealed the thief's name), pictures and videos which included a video of the thief breaking out some dance moves. So Mark looked up the thief's name on Facebook and he discovered they had mutual friends at Bentley University.

Mark reported to the police and also decided to upload the thief's dance move video to youtube with the title "Don’t steal computers belonging to people who know how to use computers." The video got huge response and Reddit and Courtney Boyd Meyers at The Next Web pick it up.

Let's just say that after Reddit and The Next Web picked it up. The Thief had to returned the laptop to the campus police and sent Mark a facebook message.The thief plead for Mark to take down the YouTube video, Although Mark publicly shamed the culprit but he didn't include the thief's name which granting him some anonymity. Some other techies or tech savants who have had their computers stolen and done similar thing like Mark did have not been as kind. Here's another case where the tech savvy really Pwned the thief. click here

Here's the video that Mark Bao uploaded on YouTube. Click here

So basically, the thief just got Pwned and totally Epic #Fail. It was great for how Mark Bao manage to get his laptop back and plan to sell off his laptop and donate it to Red Cross Japan

Owh yeah.. I got the source of the story from @forbes.

Ok.. That's all what i'm going to share. Salam Readers

Wafiy HM


Miana Kan Tue? #2

Milah (bukan nama sebenar): Dapat di trace urang yang menggunakan FB ku tanpa pengetahuan ku? Kemarin FB ku kana gunakan then ia m'order kasut tempat 0nlineshopping @ FB.. In inbox, the Onlineshop says aku m'order kasut darinya and stated my name and my private phone no.. When I checked my sent item, mana ada.. Maybe deleted by that "hacker".. So do you have any solution? (the question is edited for more convenience)
Admin: There are certain ways how the "hacker" gain your FB authentication information. You may read further here on how people may obtain your password as well as simple tips how to secure your password. For your first question, eventually it is hard to successfully "trace" the person due to FB's prvacy terms unless if the hacker uses your computer, you may consider to use keylogger (click here to read further on keylogger) as an early precaution. There are millions of FB user around the globe and I think tracking every user's IP address might be less priority for FB team a.k.a "they don't usually care". Plus, you are not the only victim and FB might have a problem to cater and investigate all the cases.
Next step is to "look at your own mirror". How much information (about yourself) are you exposing in your FB account for public view? Some information that you gave to public may give them some points to "hack" your FB account. You may read my previous post on "How less valuable data may become a threat". Regarding your phone number, FB usually expose your email address along with your phone number to people who are in your friend list. Every FB users are recommended to hide these information. "Kalau bulih tah pakai nama samaran saja". To maximize your FB privacy setting, you may click here.
If you really want to dig this person out, ask the onlineshop to forward the message sent by the "hacker" earlier and also ask what day/time the message has been sent, then try to think like this "hacker". Hopefully you will gain some useful information from that.
Here are some useful tips:
  • Never give too much information about yourself in cyberworld
  • Change your password frequently
  • If possible, never share your computer with other people
  • When your computer is being used by other people, BE THERE to observe every actions
  • Never accept friend request from people you do not know in FB
  • "Sabar itu separuh daripada iman"
  • "Balas kejahatan dengan kebaikan"
  • Delete current FB account and create a new one or simply delete unfamiliar people in your friend list
Be more careful next time and bear in mind that internet is for EVERYONE including that kind of people. Other people might have even better solution for you. Those who have some other points to share with Anak IT readers regarding this matter, kindly post your comment =)
Sekian, wasslam.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Salam Anak IT readers...
Are you planning to buy Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000? Think twice because the big brother will be launched soon =)


Miana Kan Tue? #1

Fizul Hy: cana bleh atu aa...my laptop initial graphic card 1789MB....after upgrade to 64bit...jd 2549MB arh dxdiag...any idea?
ALai KoGawa: ok..i'll answer this as simple as possible to understand..hehehh.msa 32bit the system can calculate limited memories to be processed then when upgrading to 64bit the system it also upgrade the address memory amount like what u can see with ...ure graphic card which means it calculate at that amount and thus improve its video encoding and decoding methods..upgrading 64bits also likewise allow addressing more ram up to 16GB where 32bit cant..in conclusion for those upgrades..the bigger (which is 64bits) the more the system can hold and calculate the memory..hehehe..(p/s: kalau ada salah tolong betulkan..this is based on my expertise regarding hardware and software..hehehe)
Fizul Hy: okay...its based on its capacity that 64bit can hold...something like that?
ALai KoGawa: yeap..its something just like that..
Fizul Hy: thnx a lot ^^)


FOSS - TeraCopy

Salam Anak IT readers.
Today's article will be another FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) and the selected FOSS for today is Teracopy - "Copy your files faster". Here is the screenshot:
TeraCopy is a compact program designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed, providing the user with a lot of features:
  • Copy files faster. TeraCopy uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times. Asynchronous copy speeds up file transfer between two physical hard drives.
  • Pause and resume file transfers. Pause copy process at any time to free up system resources and continue with a single click.
  • Error recovery. In case of copy error, TeraCopy will try several times and in the worse case just skip the file, not terminating the entire transfer.
  • Interactive file list. TeraCopy shows failed file transfers and lets you fix the problem and recopy only problem files.
  • Shell integration. TeraCopy can completely replace Explorer copy and move functions, allowing you work with files as usual.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Windows 7 x64 support.
- Taken from Teracopy's website
I have been using Teracopy since the past mmm 2-3 years? The only thing is that it can only be used in Windows OS but yea I just prefer using Teracopy rather than Windows built-in file/folder operation controller. Just try it now and experience it yourself. Try to copy big files and compare it with the regular Windows built-in operation controller. You may download it from here. If rasanya inda tepakai, simply uninstall it =)
Semoga mendapat manfaat dan kebaikan ;) aminnn...
Sekian, wassalam.


Write Jawi Easily

Salam Anak IT.
I would like to share a useful software to write jawi named "Maktab", Written by Dennis C. Bemmann (www.bitclick.com). Here is the snapshot:
Click on the image to download the file (jawi.exe)

It shows what you need to press in order to have the jawi letters. For example, if kan mau huruf "Alif", simply press small "a" but if you type capital "A" it will give you huruf "'Ain". The good thing about this is that you do not need to buy a jawi keyboard sticker to be attached on every keys on your keyboard. After you are done with typing, just copy everything and paste it into MS Word, OpenOffice, MSN nick etc.
Simple? Semoga ianya dapat memberi manfaat kepada kitani semua lebih-lebih lagi guru ugama =)
Sekian, Wassalam.


Selecting Text

Salam Anak IT reader(s),
Here I would like to share some brief or common knowledge on methods of selecting text or as you may usually say it ‘highlighting text’ in Microsoft Word using your… mouse!


No no no no no papoy! That’s not what I am going to talk about. It is not wrong though =) That, I can say is the most fundamental method of selecting text in word (= It would be rather tiring if you drag and highlight most of the time. No? Especially when you are dealing with pages of document to modify *cough* melawakan assignment punya report *cough* then again there are a lot of ways to select text in document and here is one of the many way.
So, without further ado… Here is the first method…
but before proceeding, senyum and buka MS Word... below is a sample text document that I am going to use throughout this article.
Now... we are ready to continue...
-take note on the position of my cursor/mouse pointer/arrow throughout the article-
To select a Word /Perkataan – double click on the word you want to highlight
as you can see above. That is a result of double clicking the word 'sentence' in the paragraph.
To select a Sentence/Ayat – hold the ctrl key and click anywhere in the sentence you want to select and the result of it is somewhat like what i have below...
To select a Paragraph/Perenggan – triple-click anywhere in the paragraph
Another method of selecting text is by using the selection bar. Selection bar is on your *fikir skajap kiri or kanan* I think and I am sure it is on your kiri/left hand side of the document. (<-- that side). When you place your cursor on that side of the text, your mouse cursor will change to right pointing arrow.
as you can see above... the white/highlighted side is the selection bar. And do you realize? cursor berubah arah macam kana tiup angin dari sebalah kiri at that area. Try and see it on your MS Word.
To select a Line of text – Katik sekali pakai tetikus bahagian kiri text yang kan di highlight
as you can see it highlights sebaris atu saja.
To select a Paragraph/ Perenggan – Katik dua kali arah bahagian kiri perenggan yang kan di highlight
And last but not least is to select the Entire document – Katik tiga kali arah selection bar atau takan ctrl(on your keyboard) and katik sekali di mana mana arah selection bar atu.
Atu ta saja dulu for now. Hope it will benefit you or anyone you share this with and may inspire you in any ways. (= feel free to comment. Kalau salah tolong betulkan. Kalau ada pertanyaan jangan malu untuk bertanya, InsyaAllah ANAK IT will try the best of the best to help.


FOSS - CCleaner

Salam Anak IT readers =)
The FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) for today is.......................... *drumroll*.................. *masih drumroll*........ CCleaner~ my favorite FOSS :)
So, what is CCleaner? It is a free cleaning tool for Windows OS. It is small with big *masih ada drumroll* capabilities and also very light =) it is also easy to use and a *pacahi drum kai pisau cukur* must-have tool for Windows OS. Download it for free at http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner or if malas kan copy paste click here. If you feel that it is useful you may have choice to donate or buy the software with priority support.
It has 3 category: Cleaner, Registry and Tools. For Cleaner, it cleans up your temporary files, cookies, clipboards etc. which is usually needed by the machine once but haven't been wiped off from the machine. Registry cleaning fixes any problems found on the registry while Tools cleaning deals with the software installed on the machine. This is the screenshot of the sofware:

To use Cleaner, simply click on the Analyze button and it will scans your machine for the junk files.

After the scanning is complete, click on the "Run Cleaner" button. Straight forward right? ;)

For Registry cleaning, click on the "Scan for Issues" button.

Sudahnya abis scanning, tekan punat *hahaha* "Fix selected issues..."

You will be asked either you want to backup your registry or not. To be on a safe side, just back it up and then follow the instructions.

Tools~ This is my favorite part. It has 3 sub-functions: Uninstall, Startup and System Restore. Yang Uninstall atue you know la apa ia but ;) but the most interesting part is the "Startup" feature. Usually the machine loads very slow after switched on. This is because of some programs being loaded at windows start-up. This software gives you freedom on choosing which program you want to be enabled during start-up and which programs you want to disable or even delete it from the start-up list =)

Semoga memberi manfaat arah kitani semua serta rakan-rakan dan saudara-mara tidak lupa adi beradi insyaAllah.
Sekian. Wassalam.


Go Green With Solar Energy

"Mengapa keta atue parking arah tangah-tangah lautan atue kan? Ngam-ngam bawah lampung lagi tue..."
The reason is...

Charging a handphone with solar panel
Salam Anak IT readers...
I would like to expose an energy efficient technology called SOLAR PANEL =) tau jua biskita tue kalie apa binatangnya huhu so na payah panjang ceta for today la k ;)
  • Can be used anywhere, inda payah cari plug karan rah dinding
  • UNLIMITED power source (renewable)
  • Silent - bukan hingar portable generator
  • No pollution
  • Minimum maintenance
Actually banyak plang lagi its advantages... It also carries disadvantages such as expensive (short-term) and may not be reliable on bad weather or even at night... The good thing about it is the fact that it is renewable in a way that it can be used rapidly unlike fuel, abis dipakai abis tah tue... For a long-term power source, solar energy might benefit us hugely... Its just that we have less access to these kind of power "gadget", ada tapinya inda banyak kalie...
Here are examples of charging/using a laptop with solar energy:

Click on the image to read further

I think that is it for today. If you have extra ideas, knowledge, skills and experience on today's topic, post it through comment =)
Sekian, wassalam...