Miana Kan Tue? #4

Messie: 1) Apa OS latest from java? 2) Next is ada article kh on linux? Pasal aku kial2 bh configure ubuntu / red hat jadi server dhcp ku. 3) Lastly pasal web filter/firewall "untangle". Ada cara lain kh kn d bypass? Biasa urg guna ultrasurf (app anonymizer for masking ip add kita). Hehe thanks in advance =D
Zulfadly Ismail: 1) OS from java as in from the "creator" of java or created with java? You may browse on Solaris, OpenSolaris, JX and JNode. You may also want to try out JavaOS as well but its a discontinued OS plang =)
2) Mun pasal article on linux ane bejurit plang rah internet hehe but if you are looking article pasal Ubuntu in bahasa melayu, you may click here ;) but I believe this link will surely tell you a lot more =) good luck!
3) If you have access to the untangle, you may add some Bypass Rules into it but if you don't *buat mua evil* haha there are certain ways to bypass the filter:
  1. Pakai proxy/anonymous software such as Bypass Proxy Client, Ultrasurf, Your Freedom, GTunnel, Jondo, GPass, Freegate etc. If you need to do this everytime and have some money to invest, try Hopster =)
  2. Use Google's Cache - use this ONLY if you want to see the first page of the filtered site. Type in the address of the website in google.com, and then instead of clicking on the title, click on "Cached". Here is the example.
  3. Use SSH Tunneling. Its just that you need to be registered and subscribed with any SSH Provider. If you are lucky enough, you could get a free SSH account. If you have it, then use SSH client like Tunnelier.
  4. Surf through Remote Access~ =) a.k.a surf internet through another machine outside of the "filtered" internal network
  5. Would you love to surf the web in mail? ;)
Semoga point ke 3 dapat memberi manfa'at kepada semua pembaca insyaAllah =)