Thursday, 30 June 2011

Interview @ iCentre Part 2

Salam Anak IT.
Image taken from BEDB
It's been a long time since Anak IT's previous interview "iCentre Part1" and today we continue with "iCentre Part2". I met Kumar from John Harith (iCentre incubatee) last Tuesday and asked if he would be available today for a short and informal interview on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and yes I managed to interview him this afternoon. iCentre is located in Kg. Anggerek Desa next to Knowledge Hub (K-Hub).
Just a little info of John Harith:
"John Harith Computer was formed during the Y2K era with the aim to streamline and achieve effective IT solutions to offer the corporate community flexible yet innovative solutions that address their needs for full visibility of their business operations. Our solutions are designed with the insight of future needs for expansion and to maximize business returns.
Most database solutions required a mixture of stored items to be treated in a single predefined data format. Cost of customizing work process and/or system upgrade is high and with limited flexibility. Difficulties with third parties systems integration"

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Printing Habit

Salam Anak IT readers.
There are a lot of ways to help contribute to green!! apart from using recycling bags on weekends.
Now here I want to share one easy step to go green. yes this goes to YOU dear reader who knows how to connect your desktop/laptop/pc to printer and print your assignment, articles, documents etc. etc. etc.

Miana Kan Tue? #9

Bibi Kasmira: Just wana ask is it okay to use programs like "Hide IP"?
Ad Hamdan: You cant hide your DNS with that program. But that program quite useful tho. Just my 2cents
Zulfadly Ismail: if you ask "is it okay" then IT IS ok ;) hehe as long as its not pirated perhaps (just saying it legally hehe) and the program has no malware etc. BUT.. its all depending on how are you going to use it and I think you actually wanting to ask beyond "is it okay to use" hehe elaborate bro ;)
Bibi Kasmira: Hee..i mean in terms of security.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Miana Kan Tue? #8

Aziyah Matassan: I don't know how to put this into words nor did i know how to categorize this. Just some random thoughts that I hope to get feedback's from you who would like to share..
From your past experience(s), how do you get ideas to create an application/system? Especially those who have to search for ideas for their assignments/projects or simply coding for fun.
Zulfadly Ismail: For me, first I would list out every MENUS related with then system and see which menu will comes first and forth (set priority). Then, use our most powerful tools in everything; PENCIL, ERASER and PAPER. Sketch the storyboard and draw how the program would look like starting from the splash screen to “departing” the program/application. During this process, programming logic comes later or “nanti tue..” hehe then if everything ok, develop the user interface a.k.a put every elements sketched on the previous storyboard into the “workspace” or “workstage”. If everything ok THEN barutah we do the coding part. Well that depends jua on each individual. For me, I would not start coding if the interface alum ada since I usually skip the “storyboarding” part and develop the interface directly. Yetah sudah my storyboarding tue! haha that’s my shortcut. Different programmer will have different way of making the ball start rolling. Let us see what the others punya style.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Miana Kan Tue? #7

Sunkist (bukan nama sebernar): Salam jul.... aku ani kan format my pc w/ windows xp tapinya i got this error masa boot ke cd:
"Unexpected error(1610547392) occured at line 1773 in D:/xpsp/base/boot/setup/arcdisp.c.
Press any key to continue."
Napa ia catu atu? last time nada pun masalah atu....

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Miana Kan Tue? #6

getsuga: mau tnya...miana shorten URL works? cmana it is generated?? and apatah tu? why is like that?
Aziyah Matassan: It is like that so that you can share a shortened long url in limited no. of spaces such as twitter where you can only have certain amount of character allowed per one tweet. dari pemahaman saya la..bagaimana ia begitu.. saya tak tau~ si awang google tau kale

Amalina Kasim: Maybe this will help...?

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Miana Kan Tue? #5

hm: where can i find and buy a graphics tablet here in brunei? thanks! :D
Nuramsyar Hashim: Bit Computer .. AV Electronics