Miana Kan Tue? #9

Bibi Kasmira: Just wana ask is it okay to use programs like "Hide IP"?
Ad Hamdan: You cant hide your DNS with that program. But that program quite useful tho. Just my 2cents
Zulfadly Ismail: if you ask "is it okay" then IT IS ok ;) hehe as long as its not pirated perhaps (just saying it legally hehe) and the program has no malware etc. BUT.. its all depending on how are you going to use it and I think you actually wanting to ask beyond "is it okay to use" hehe elaborate bro ;)
Bibi Kasmira: Hee..i mean in terms of security.

Zulfadly Ismail: hehe in term of security, it depends sapa yang membuat the software :) if your antivirus/int.security detects it as malicious code then hehe u know la tue bro ;) but even if the AV/IS nda detect, u still need to consider certain issues as well including your AV/IS's potential strength. Kadang2 inda jua dapat dpercaya banar tue hahaha takut if selalu meluah false positive/negative.. Again, back to basic question, do u really need to use such program? =) if u do, then do a research of the software's developer and find some review for the software. If the reviews are positive then you are safe in term of security or else ;)
Bibi Kasmira: Haa...yeah..sometimes use it when downloading from direct download file host and sometimes it limits the file size per IP address. So i use hide IP. But it seems slow when loading the web page even though I choose the closest location.
Zulfadly Ismail: hehe yup2 been there. its actually using "dead" proxy and that actually depends on the bandwidth used by the proxy as well.. if you got proxy ampir pebaik tapinya connectionnya macam siput, na jua guna2 ;)