Miana Kan Tue? #8

Aziyah Matassan: I don't know how to put this into words nor did i know how to categorize this. Just some random thoughts that I hope to get feedback's from you who would like to share..
From your past experience(s), how do you get ideas to create an application/system? Especially those who have to search for ideas for their assignments/projects or simply coding for fun.
Zulfadly Ismail: For me, first I would list out every MENUS related with then system and see which menu will comes first and forth (set priority). Then, use our most powerful tools in everything; PENCIL, ERASER and PAPER. Sketch the storyboard and draw how the program would look like starting from the splash screen to “departing” the program/application. During this process, programming logic comes later or “nanti tue..” hehe then if everything ok, develop the user interface a.k.a put every elements sketched on the previous storyboard into the “workspace” or “workstage”. If everything ok THEN barutah we do the coding part. Well that depends jua on each individual. For me, I would not start coding if the interface alum ada since I usually skip the “storyboarding” part and develop the interface directly. Yetah sudah my storyboarding tue! haha that’s my shortcut. Different programmer will have different way of making the ball start rolling. Let us see what the others punya style.
Aziyah Matassan: And I forget to add... WHERE you get your ideas to create an application/system... that is before you start to program them. :) anyone care to share?
Abdul Rahman: ur questions needs deep thinking to answer. its basically a psychology question. hehe. anyways, from talks i have listen to , many successful ICT pioneers try to solve problem which they encountered n it evolves as industry or enterprise solution. for eg., bill gates wants to organise his data n evolved to concept of windows, an operating system which helped him. there are many versions to this story. another case, when creators of PHP, started, they wanted to organise their content initially it was called Personal Home Page, their approach to organising was slightly diff from bill gates. if you ask me, What should i do ? just analyse ur everyday life n think through it. if you come across this question, " it would be nice if i have a system to do this task ? " then thats the begining. idea is born. gud luck.
Aziyah Matassan: The usual answer i got from this question is "See and analyze your surroundings.." :) thanks for your feedbacks Zulfadly Ismail and Abdul Rahman ... anyone has another opinion to share?
Abdul Rahman: welcome. unless u need an neuro-chemical explanation or something like that, which answers the question, where does people's thoughts emerge, based on connectivity of neurons n blah blah blah. im sure you don wanna to listen to this. hehe.