Miana Kan Tue? #6

getsuga: mau tnya...miana shorten URL works? cmana it is generated?? and apatah tu? why is like that?
Aziyah Matassan: It is like that so that you can share a shortened long url in limited no. of spaces such as twitter where you can only have certain amount of character allowed per one tweet. dari pemahaman saya la..bagaimana ia begitu.. saya tak tau~ si awang google tau kale

Amalina Kasim: Maybe this will help...? http://blog.fwd4.me/2009/09/short-urls-how-do-they-work.html

Zulfadly Ismail: Usually it uses "Redirect Page" for example if you type "http://anak.it/b" or simply "anak.it/b" then it will go to "http://www.itb.edu.bn" so instead of taip panjang-panjang, short url "anak.it/b" will translate it to that long url. This also happen to those short url provider such as bit.ly. It has its own database where it stores the prefix for all the registered long url. Example, this article's url will behttps://anak.it/mianakantue/271, but if you want to show it to your friend, you can just paste thishttp://bit.ly/ircyeD arah bisdia instead of pasting the whole url. This is actually beguna mun kitani kan share url rah urang lain through short/limited text message macam twitter (correct me if im wrong) or sms.