Wednesday, 31 March 2010


In this article I will show you how to produce alert box in your site using javascript. Hehehe suspeng? So here are the codes:
Put the code into your site and see what will happen.
Kacang? or Kuaci? Huhuhu. Sekian.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

FOSS - CDex (CD Ripper)

Salam Anak IT.
For today, I would like to introduce one of the FOSS (Free/Open Source Software) named CDex. You may go to their official site here. CDex is technically a CD "ripper" where you convert your favourite Audio CD into digital audio files such as WAV, mp3, au etc.
CDex v.1.51 (Stable version)
As you can see, it is just like any typical CD Ripper where you can rename the audio tracks to be used as its filename as well. CDex provides 5 types of conversion but the major conversions are:
  1. Extract CD Track(s) to WAV file(s)
  2. Extract CD Track(s) to Compressed Audio file(s)
The first one is obviously convert the Audio CD track into WAV file whereas the second will convert it into MP3 file. It took me a while just to figure out how to convert it into MP3 files since "mp3" is not physically STATED there <laugh>kabababababa</laugh>.
Conversion in progress
Note : Remember to select all the tracks (CTRL + A) if you want to rip the whole album or else it will only rip the selected track.
Output : MP3 file
So if you are interested to use this FOSS (Free/Open Source Software), you may click here to download it. Good luck!
Sekian. Wassalam...

Friday, 26 March 2010

How to check your PHP version

If you run a server or even "virtual" server and would like to check your PHP version, make a new php file (example: cekphp.php) and paste these codes into it.
Run the new php file through localhost (example: http://localhost/cekphp.php) and you will see a list of php configurations.
Thank you.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Windows Login with RFID

Salam Anak IT readers~
Another continuation from RFID Card and RFID Tag articles. Due to positive feedbacks given by some Anak IT readers, I would like to show you one of my many ways on how do I use my RFID Card/Tag in my daily life.
For today's example, I would like to show you a simple video how I log-on to Windows using my RFID Card/Tag (I actually can use either my fingerprint or my RFID card/tag to log-on to windows or I can configure it as both or "dual-layer-verification" nya omputih). You may download the video here (2.72mb).
I think that is it for today. Semoga ianya dapat menjadikan biskita "gagau ati" serta "gerigitan" untuk mencubanya sekaligus mendorong biskita untuk lebih mendalami ilmu teknologi yang ada pada masa sekarang. Selamat mencuba! =)

Laptop As Backup Server

Salam Anak IT. I'll just post a short and simple article for today.
Any readers who run/maintain a server? If yes, do you have a back-up just in-case your main server beulah? Purchasing another server might sounds good but I would like to share my other alternative.
In office, (becerita ta plang nah...) I have layers of Server Back-Up and one of them is using an extra laptop yang "inda bepakai". It might sound "irrelevant" but as I said I am just sharing my ideas. For this purpose, the laptop needs to run 24/7... But... Ok kah tue? Inda melatup kah?
So far, the longest period that I didn't switched off (not even restarting) the LAPTOP was about 6 to 7 months? Hahaha it is a LAPTOP; not an ordinary PC. For those yang satu kepala with this title, I would like to share certain points with you.
Facts on usage:
  1. Act as a BACK-UP server (at the office)
  2. Also act as SECONDARY Web Server
  3. A tool for me to troubleshoot my office's network from remote location (outside office)
  4. A tool to troubleshoot network locally (within office's building)
  • Semua yang tertera di atas
  • It is compact (portable) rather than having another PC for such purpose
  • Less power consumption compared to ordinary PC/Server
  • Only need ONE power cord
Tips & Recommendations:
  1. Make sure you lift the laptop up a little bit for ventilation
  2. Heat is the worse enemy for any electronic devices and so make sure the room is always air-conditioned
  3. Never use Wi-fi connectivity for this purpose.
  4. Secure its FTP access (for Back-Up through FTP)
Well... As I said, nothing much sebenarnya but I appreciate your time for reading this (even if you don't understand) hahaha but yeah... That is another thing that you could do with your extra laptop. Until the next post.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Just yesterday, I post an article regarding RFID Card and guess what, I forgot to mention about RFID Tags as well and so this article could be continuation from previous article on RFID Card.
Basically, RFID Tag has the same function like RFID Card ganya bentuk dan juga warna ganya berbeza. I wouldn't say much for this article but for those who doesn't know about RFID Card, make sure you readthis previous article.
My RFID Card and RFID Tags. I know that i've post my RFID Card in previous article but the one on this picture is a bit "special". I will tell you why.


Inside the RFID Tag =) Thanks to the sunlight, I could "X-Ray" this RFID Tag

Just an ordinary RFID Card

The "special" part is that I could easily "X-Ray" this RFID Card =)
So, hopefully you can differentiate between RFID Card and RFID Tag especially the component inside them. As for the reading range, the RFID Card may beat RFID Tag but RFID Tag is more ACCURATE than RFID Card. That is based on my experience and not from Technical Research. For those yang ada idea or extra points untuk dikongsikan mengenai RFID, you may go here ;)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Assalamu'alaikum wbt...
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) adalah salah satu teknologi TERKINI yang digunakan khusus bagi mengenali identiti individu yang menggunakannya. If sekiranya biskita kan mau tau lebih lanjut pasal RFID, click kemari pakai mouse biskita.
Apa yang ingin disampaikan buat hari ini adalah khusus untuk RFID Card or nya urang kitani "Kad RFID". Ianya bertindak as "Identification data sender" and it contains uniqe identification. Just imagine IC kitani, urang lain inda kan pernah dapat Nombor Kad Pengenalan Pintar exactly sama macam Nombor Kad Pengenalan Pintar yang kami ada. Ianya bersifat unik serta "unique" hahaha yang penting nya Nombor Identiti yang kami ada atue, urang lain inda tedapat. Namun begitu, I heard RFID Card mampu diubahsuai dengan menggunakan "RFID Writer" but alum tau how it works. I should have that "RFID Writer" device then I would know hehehe =)
Radio Frequency Identification Card
Pada waktu sekarang, terdapat tiga jenis Kartu RFID yang biasa digunakan:
  1. Low frequency of 125Khz
  2. High frequency of 13.56Mhz
  3. Dual frequency (125Khz & 13.56Mhz)
Actually banyak sebenarnya. Lain lagi yang jenis aktif ataupun pasif tue... The one with battery and the one without battery. Every type of RFID Card will have different price as well. E.g, 125Khz RFID Card would only cost me around seringgit labih (if bali in huge quantity dapat jadi less than seringgit) whereas 13.56Mhz RFID Card might cost me doubled the price of 125Khz RFID Card. Yang dual frequency atue lain lagi harganya tue. If mau murah, bali banyak-banyak hahaha but untuk biskita apa jua kan unless biskita develop RFID-based system then you may invest that much. Imagine biskita punya pintu bilik inda lagi ada tempat masukkan kunci but semua flat and yang ada cuma RFID Reader ganya bepacak sebalah pintu ;) that would be cool but if tutup karan hangat tia~
So... Apa sebenarnya isi kandungan yang terdapat dalam RFID Card ane? Last day, I sacrificed one of my 125Khz RFID Cards for the sake of this article hehehe I wouldn't dare to sacrifice my 13.56Mhz RFID Card since harganya macam harga easi kad huhu =P
Ya ibu-ibu didapur, mula-mula kita cincang halus untuk membangkitkan bau resepi kita pada hari ini

Kemudian kita ceraikan bahagian-bahagiannya untuk digulai dengan tepung secukup rasa

Hahaha I can't cook well and would probably <cough>depending on my future wife to cook foods for me</cough> haha and yeah... Nampak biskita isi kandungannya?

If inda nampak, how about this one? Ada ternampak warna keemasan? If yes, yetah sudah tue RFID chip inside the RFID Card (sebenarnya niiiiiiipis berabis tue but I have to zoom beraaaaaabis jua)
And yeah that was my sacrificial 125Khz RFID Card especially for Anak IT's readers... Hopefully I didn't chop it for nothing =)
Cara penggunaannya is basically swipe the card onto RFID Reader device and it will automatically catch the identification number which belongs to the RFID Card yang biskita swipe. If the identification number is listed in the system's database, then it would give you access to certain thing or else it will give you error message or "Kad RFID biskita jenis murah lagi kuno yang bejual arah kadai biskal and so sistem kami inda dapat menerima kad biskita" dan yang sewaktu dengannya...
For this example, I would like to show you how I used my 13.56Mhz RFID Card when I was visiting iCentre last Friday. Obviously my RFID Card's identification is not registered in their database so I would expect "Haaahahaha inda mauuu~" kind of error or something similar.
RFID Reader @ iCentre (actually consist of 3 layers of security feature; RFID, FingerPrint & Manual Password Numbering Keys)

"Door is closed". In order to enter the building dari belakang, registered RFID users would need to swipe their RFID Card onto the reader.

As you can see, when I swiped my 13.56Mhz RFID Card, the screen berubah into "Verify PIN Card"

The RED light indicator showed up and "No Enroll!" message appeared since I am not registered user. If only my RFID Card is registered into their system, the GREEN light indicator would show up instead and might probably ada message "Bah masuk tah! Buat macam rumah sendiri" or even "Akhir jua datang atue?! Kan solah juma'at dah ne!"
Hopefully you already get an idea how does the RFID Card work. In real life, I use the RFID Card to park my car on the "reserved" parking area at office (bukan dalam upis but perkarangan bangunan upis echewah~). Other than that, I use the SAME RFID Card to access certain restricted room such as Server Room etc. so that only registered personnel may access the area/site/room.
Sekian saja resepi masakan yang dikongsikan untuk hari ini. Hingga bertemu di hari yang akan datang pada hari dan waktu yang sama, sekian. Wassalam. Selamat mencuba =)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Photoshop Alternative - Sumo Paint

Salam Anak IT.
Today, I want to share one of graphic tools I am using which is an alternative to Adobe's Photoshop. Most of you might already know about GIMP (especially to Mac users) but now I am introducing you to another "Photoshop Alternative" called Sumo Paint. Sumo Paint has an ability to be used ONLINE and it contains a lot of useful features which you also can have in Adobe's Photoshop. It is free for online usage but if you do not want to use it online and prefer to use it on your offline machine, you may download the PRO version of Sumo Paint for US$19/year. I only use Sumo Paint for certain occasion and so I personally will only use it's online feature but who knows if I might invest it in the near future =) hehe
Sumo Paint's official site. As you can see, the thumbnailed pictures were made from Sumo Paint. Well it depends on individual's creativity. So click here to learn more about Sumo Paint or here to start drawing your first art with Sumo Paint.

The panels on Sumo Paint. A little bit familiar with Adobe's Photoshop, am I right? I've created a 3D effect on the text "" =)

How I made the text's 3D effect

You are given options whether to save it on Sumo Account (which you need to register) or simply save the file into your machine.

You may save it as SUMO file (same like PSD file in Photoshop) or you can save it directly as PNG type or JPG image file.

It actually SAVE it on my desktop! hahahaha just in-case I need to modify it again in other time. Another good thing is that you can store the file into your pendrive and open it from other computer (ofcoz mesti ada internet la tue)

Tadaaa~ the final product created with Sumo Paint for mmm less than 10 minutes?... (including getting to know what does each tool do hahaha)
So... Go Nuts With Sumo Paint! huhuhu~ Sekian. Wabillahitaufiq Walhidayah.

Where is TechTV? Dead?

Have you ever heard of "TechTV"? Yes? No? Well it WAS actually a TV program featuring news, tutorials, tips regarding technology. When I was still "young" (hahaha about mmm 10 years ago?), TechTV was the MUST-SEE channel in my list (Well other than AnimeS like Gensomaden Saiyuki and others on that time hahha KLASIK! Not to mention SlamDunk or even Cooking Master<laugh>Gyahgyahgyahgyah</laugh>). If i'm not mistaken, it was on Astro's channel 14. From TechTV, I've learnt new things regarding technologies and got some useful tips on computing. It was like an "edutainment" for me and unfortunately... It is now "dead"... You may read further facts on TechTV here.
The TechTV show hosted by Chris Pirillo
However, the former TechTV's popular host; Chris Pirillo, is still active doing informal tutorials on youtube and so I still have a place to watch "a-little-bit-similar" of TechTV show hahaha and yes he is a GEEK.
Would you believe Chris Pirillo was on Anak IT? <laugh>Bwuahuwhuahwa</laugh>
Anyway, for those who would like to watch his news, tutorials and thoughts on computing technology, you may proceed here. Hopefully you will get more knowledge on ICT from him. Alright then... Until next time~
P/S: I wonder if ada local Bruneian yang mau buat program cemani but in "Bruneian" way... But still... Our local people would rather watch Astro rather than their own local TV channel... *sigh*

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Portable Applications in your Pendrive

P/S : Dear readers. For around these weeks, most of Anak IT members will be having difficulties on finding time to publish articles due to giving more concentration on their assignments. Semoga mereka dan abiskita serta semua Anak IT berjaya dalam bidang yang diceburi. Aminnn... New Contributors who would like to contribute articles are welcome. Kindly follow these simple procedures. Thank you for your support! =)

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Google Translate

مرحبا اناك I.T القراء. اليوم ، أود أن أطلعكم على نحو أداة مثيرة للاهتمام والذي يتوفر على شبكة الإنترنت اسمه مترجم جوجل. انها تترجم خطابكم إلى لغتك مرغوب فيه تماما مثل ما أقوم به الآن. نأمل أن تقوم إدارة لترجمة هذا بحيث يصبح أكثر قابلية للقراءة! هاهاها وعلى الرغم من أنها لا تترجم تماما كما ما كنا نتوقعه ، لكنه لا يزال مفيدا بما فيه الكفاية. حسنا ان هذا هو مقال قصير لهذا اليوم. حتى في المرة القادمة ~
The above paragraph is in Arabic language. Click here to translate the above paragraph into your preferable language and see if you manage to translate it huhu. Sekian.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Tentang Technical Specification

This article is a continuation of “Things to consider before getting a laptop or a desktop”. Just hope it helps you think carefully what kind of computer you are planning to get.
Ok let’s take a look back on what are the stuffs that we need to consider before getting a new computer.
1. Liat budget dulu cukup kah inda. "No money no talk"
2. Untuk kegunaan apa?
3. Laptop or PC biasa (either tower or desktop)?
4. Operating System apa kan dipakai? Mau yang free or bebayar?
5. Technical Specifications (Tahap Kecanggihan) - Especially for gamers
6. Penggunaan Software - Dedicated student might need dedicated software as well
7. Last and least important is extra gift yang kana bari as "package" dari pembelian computer
I’m going to more-in-depth into option #5, the technical specifications.
If you walk into any computer shop, you will be handed a brochure. You are given the basic information of the computer.
For Example:

Dell Studio XPS 13 Laptop

Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 (2.4GHz)
Genuine Windows Seven Home Premium
13.3” WXGA WLED Display
1.3 MP Web Cam
10/10/1000 LAN
8x DVD +/- RW Drive with DL Writer
Integrated NVIDIA GeForce 9400
6-Cell Battery
Microsoft Works
Dell Wireless 1510 802.11n Mini-Card
Let’s start from the top:

Intel Core 2 Duo P8600

Whenever you see this kind of word, it means it’s the processor of the computer. It is also called “CPU”. It is like the heart of a computer (for me that is).
There a lot of CPU brands in the world, but the most commonly known for all people are “Intel” and “AMD”. There are a lot of models for computer processor in this era such as “Intel Xeon”, “Intel Dual Core”,“Intel Core 2 Duo”,“Intel Core 2 Quad”,“Intel Core i5”,“Intel Core i7”, “Intel Atom”, “AMD Anthlon”, “AMD turion II X2”, “AMD Phenom” and etc. The current powerful processor is “Intel Core i7”.

Of course, powerful processor is expensive. So I’m advising either get “Core 2 Duo” or “Core 2 Quad” or “Core i5” or “AMD turion X2” or “AMD Phenom” if you want a budget processor but still good which can last for 2-3 years. Tapi mun kita nada papa kan d ingau kn duit.. baik tah selajur membali “Intel Core i7”, jangan alang-alang.. hehehe

Genuine Windows Seven Home Premium

This is the operating system installed at the computer. Like zulfadly mention in his article, there are 3 types of operating system which are commonly used. Which are “Linux”, “Windows” and “MAC”.

13.3” WXGA WLED Display

This is the size of the laptop screen. It is measured in inches. Ok.. if you are a graphic designer or a serious gamer.. I would recommend to get 19” or above (for desktops).. well… the bigger the resolution the better it is. The more workspace you have. But for a normal use, 19” and below should be ok (for desktops).. there’s no need to get a big monitor.
For a laptop the highest is around 17 or 18” if I’m not mistaken. Well if you have a 17” or 18” your laptop is pretty heavy, if you are aiming for portability. I suggest you to get 13” to 15”. It should be ok.

1.3MP Web Cam

The laptop has a webcam installed with 1.3 Mega pixels.


The laptop is include with 4GB RAM. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is the computer memory. The higher RAM value, the better performance of the laptop, well it depends on your OS, if it can support 3GB or higher. So far for windows 32-bit, I would recommend to get 3GB only because that is the max for 32-bit. This goes for all desktop and laptop.


This is the hard disk of the laptop. This is like the brain of a computer. This is where you put all your movies, music, series, etc. well.. The lowest hard disk size for nowadays is 320GB. So bigger the size is.. the better it is..

10/100/1000 LAN

The Ethernet card for LAN, LAN stands for Local Area Network. This is where you can use your laptop to connect to any network via LAN cable. Example of network using LAN CABLE, connecting to the internet via modem, to connect to the modem you need a LAN cable and an Ethernet Card.

8x DVD +/- RW Drive with DL Writer

The DVD-ROM drive, where you use it to browse DVDs, CDs. Plus it’s a DVD and CD burner, meaning you can burn DVDs and CDs and yes DVD DL as well..

Integrated NVIDIA GeForce 9400

This is the laptop’s graphic card. There are a lot of graphic card brands and models. But the popular ones are NVIDIA GeForce and ATI Radeon. Lagi sekali, if you are serious gamer or graphic designer, you will need a graphic card for your computer. The common graphic cards that you see in brunei market are “NVDIA GeForce”, “ATI Radeon” and “Intel Graphics Media Accelerator”. Well.. the intel graphics media accelerator is just a normal graphic card. It won’t do any good for serious gamers or graphic designer. So keep in mind, check out the graphic card for the computer that you are aiming to get.


Bluetooth is a short range radio technology aimed for simplifying communications among devices. Well, not all computers ada Bluetooth, so if biskita mau Bluetooth, baik tia baca brochure atu banar-banar lah…

6-Cell Battery

Iatah battery laptop ne, desktop inda pulang ada nie. Ok.. there are 2 types of laptop batteries, which are the 3-cell battery and the 6-cell battery. 3-Cell only last for 2 hours if I’m not mistaken during standby, for 6-cell battery is more like double the amount of the 3-cell battery.. so basically it last about 4 hours… if you want portability, better get the 6-cell battery.. the only problem it cost more to have a 6-Cell battery.

Dell Wireless 1510 802.11n Mini-Card

The laptop’s wireless card, this device enables you to connect to WiFi. It is a MUST to have a wireless card. Why? Maklum lah, banyak WIFI connection masa ani. Ok.. that doesn’t answer why.
Everything in this era goes with wireless; you can access the internet via wireless. Even the internet access in your home, you will be using wireless.
I think that should cover up the basic information of a brochure. But if you any enquiries about the computer that you wanted to get, feel free to post your enquiries at the “enquiry” page. We will happily to reply your enquiry. I think that’s all for now.. Salam.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Cemana Windows Bemula?

Bill Gates (in the middle)
Pada suatu hari~ Read the rest of the article here.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Unapproachable - Veoh

How could you report the issue (if you are not in Brunei but receive the error message) if you can't even access it? Or nya urang Brunei kitani, "Hahah apakan?..."

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Friday, 5 March 2010

Interview @ iCentre Part1

Image taken from BEDB
Assalammm. Actually, we were suppose to interview Sir Rayner Tan from iCentre last week but "nada jodoh" due to public holiday and so today we were planning to "melanggar" (without informing) iCentre which is located in Kg. Anggerek Desa. Unfortunately, Sir Rayner is not in Brunei and will be coming back by next week.
Unexpectedly, we were happily entertained by Mohd Fadzli Hj Roslan, Facility Officer at iCentre. Even though it was not really an interview, we had a chance to have a "short talk" regarding certain things (which is still can be considered as short interview? hehe). Members who were representing Anak IT were:
  • Fadhullah
  • Zulfadly
Mohd Fadzli from iCentre with Fadhullah representing Anak IT
The short interview session:
Zulfadly : Actually, we only want to know apa saja hardware technology yang kana pakai disini and also di Brunei...
Fadzli : Talking about hardware ah, hardware ane sebenarnya very "large" here. Tapi I have to say, you must have specific thing that you want to develop. Lets say you want to do active control like security control, you buy macam... active control atue yang ada RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) verification. You can also do it as attendance. Then you can also do a tracking system (with RFID). But that is more into hardware. To create the system, you also need to create the software kan tue... to balance the outcome. If I want to say it now that I know barang ane, then bias tia. To be honest, we have someone who knows these things. Maybe he can talk more about the hardware... as well as the software lah.
Zulfadly Fadhullah : *angguk-angguk*
Fadzli : Tapi... Anyway, for now, I can share with you that the system that they use atue (system yang canggih yang bejual dikadai), is normally for "big shot" like government, urang kaya catue lah (pasal mahal harganya). Because normally urang Brunei masa ani alum mampu membali barang atue for personal use. Here, we don't want to talk about those big shots. We are trying to RE-create the system for public, meaning to say, WE, re-create the program. Sama pulang the program but we re-create using cheaper materials, hardware nya ni ah... as example we buy the motherboard for 80 dollars, then "tambah, tambah, tambah", and then we install the software (into the customised hardware). It is cheap so that it is available to public. Something like that. We RE-create. Bukannya kita invent baru... but if we invent, it starts from zero.
- Due to some Intellectual Properties matter involved in the short interview, Anak IT could not expose the further interview session -
Even if it was a short one, we achieved some knowledge that might be useful for us to implement it in any system creation projects in the near future. There are surely a lot of RFID reader inside the building. Since Zulfadly has his my own RFID card inside his wallet, he had like to test it out whether he could gain access from it or not by tapping his RFID card onto the RFID reader hehehe and ofcourse the result is predictable; "Invalid PIN number" or ampir-ampir catue la..
We would like to thank Mohd Fadzli Hj Roslan from iCentre for his companion and escort. Meet you again next week ;) and for Anak IT reader, wait for the upcoming "Interview @ iCentre Part2". Thank you for your support.
Reported by:
Zulfadly & Fadhullah
iCentre's Monthly Schedule : There will be a visit from Mahasiswa/Mahasiswi Institut Teknologi Brunei next two weeks.
Today's activity was "sponsored" by Air Suling
"Sudah biskita minum aing putih ari ani?"

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Alert - MSN Spammer

Salam. This article is especially goes to those who are using MSN Messenger.
I would like to share a problem that I am facing with MSN nowadays and I BELIEVE this might happen to you as well. Pernah biskita kana add arah msn oleh urang yang biskita inda kenal nda batah ane? I mean, BANYAK yang add biskita? If ada, those are actually ROBOTS yang dicipta untuk menghantar SPAM arah MSN biskita and so BEWARE of them. Below are SOME exampleS that I notified them as ROBOTS:
I will tell you what would happen if you accept these ROBOTS into your MSN's contact list:
  1. First, they will click on you and say something like "Hi..."
  2. Second, if you reply ANYTHING, they will reply you back something like "your asl pls? Im 21/f"
  3. Third, even if biskita bakunyanyang barunai pun bisdia masih dengan omputih bisdia "where have you been?"
  4. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, they will give you a link as example "i've uploaded our pictures. you look funny on the last picture" where the link MIGHT contains spyware/viruses
Apa yang unik lagi pasal bisdia ane, they can even NUDGE YOU IF YOU DONT REPLY!! Bwuahwuhauhuwhuawa what a good-logical-programmer-style ;) So... Have you faced the same occurrence? If so, you better block and delete them from your contact list.
It doesn't stop there. Have you ever encounter a friend of yours sending messages that have links embedded? and when you want to reply it back, they already appeared offline?... If so, it means that their msn are ultimately affected and you need to inform them as soon as possible so that they can at least googling on how to remove it.
These are the samples of SPAM messages that I received from friends in my contact list (PLEASE DO NOT PERUSE ANY LINKS BELOW. IF MATINGAL JUA, EXAMINE THE LINKS ON YOUR OWN RISK):
  • Are you still interested in the goods, I found the perfect site, money back guarentee and fast shipping here
  • Did your friend still want that link to where I get my stuff? Well here it is, tell her that they ship quickly and have the cheapest price
  • hahahahahahahaha...THATS U!!!!!!1 brb
  • I've just made a profile + Upload more pics (incl. X-rated ones ;)) Login n check me babe!
  • got paid again! made another 60$ in 30 mins lol!
  • awesome site!! im there now..
  • <= hahah check it out what we would be doing ;) *secretly* :P
  • just made 78$ again! this google program is awesome!
  • 65271276713
  • omg! Can u believe this? Ive found latest online movies here! Im watching Avatar here!
  • Facebook Games (yeni facebook oyunu)
  • omg! Can u believe this? Ive found latest online movies here! Im watching Avatar here! did u watched inglourious basterds movie?
  • do you know this page? iphone win ? both 3gs ! :)
  • wow! Ive just seen Inglourious Basterds online! did u watched avatar movie? im going to bookmark this at facebook..
Tips untuk mengelakkan dari MSN Spammers:
  1. Alert kawan biskita yang kan add biskita arah MSN contact list bisdia and also make sure biskita tau apa MSN email address bisdia so that when bisdia add biskita, biskita tau yang atue bukan robot
  2. If rasanya yang add biskita atue inda biskita kenal, click on the "Block this person from seeing when"
  3. Never click any links yang meragukan or membuat biskita "gagau ati"
  4. Pasang Internet Security (such as Kaspersky Internet Security or Panda Internet Security)
  5. Istaghfirillah... Close tia msn atue... Menimba ilmu lagi da bomb (y) <-- (good finger emoticon in MSN)
I think... Atue kalie saja that I would like to share with pembaca Anak IT today... Until the next post~