Just yesterday, I post an article regarding RFID Card and guess what, I forgot to mention about RFID Tags as well and so this article could be continuation from previous article on RFID Card.
Basically, RFID Tag has the same function like RFID Card ganya bentuk dan juga warna ganya berbeza. I wouldn't say much for this article but for those who doesn't know about RFID Card, make sure you readthis previous article.
My RFID Card and RFID Tags. I know that i've post my RFID Card in previous article but the one on this picture is a bit "special". I will tell you why.


Inside the RFID Tag =) Thanks to the sunlight, I could "X-Ray" this RFID Tag

Just an ordinary RFID Card

The "special" part is that I could easily "X-Ray" this RFID Card =)
So, hopefully you can differentiate between RFID Card and RFID Tag especially the component inside them. As for the reading range, the RFID Card may beat RFID Tag but RFID Tag is more ACCURATE than RFID Card. That is based on my experience and not from Technical Research. For those yang ada idea or extra points untuk dikongsikan mengenai RFID, you may go here ;)