Where is TechTV? Dead?

Have you ever heard of "TechTV"? Yes? No? Well it WAS actually a TV program featuring news, tutorials, tips regarding technology. When I was still "young" (hahaha about mmm 10 years ago?), TechTV was the MUST-SEE channel in my list (Well other than AnimeS like Gensomaden Saiyuki and others on that time hahha KLASIK! Not to mention SlamDunk or even Cooking Master<laugh>Gyahgyahgyahgyah</laugh>). If i'm not mistaken, it was on Astro's channel 14. From TechTV, I've learnt new things regarding technologies and got some useful tips on computing. It was like an "edutainment" for me and unfortunately... It is now "dead"... You may read further facts on TechTV here.
The TechTV show hosted by Chris Pirillo
However, the former TechTV's popular host; Chris Pirillo, is still active doing informal tutorials on youtube and so I still have a place to watch "a-little-bit-similar" of TechTV show hahaha and yes he is a GEEK.
Would you believe Chris Pirillo was on Anak IT? <laugh>Bwuahuwhuahwa</laugh>
Anyway, for those who would like to watch his news, tutorials and thoughts on computing technology, you may proceed here. Hopefully you will get more knowledge on ICT from him. Alright then... Until next time~
P/S: I wonder if ada local Bruneian yang mau buat program cemani but in "Bruneian" way... But still... Our local people would rather watch Astro rather than their own local TV channel... *sigh*