Write Jawi Easily

Salam Anak IT.
I would like to share a useful software to write jawi named "Maktab", Written by Dennis C. Bemmann (www.bitclick.com). Here is the snapshot:
Click on the image to download the file (jawi.exe)

It shows what you need to press in order to have the jawi letters. For example, if kan mau huruf "Alif", simply press small "a" but if you type capital "A" it will give you huruf "'Ain". The good thing about this is that you do not need to buy a jawi keyboard sticker to be attached on every keys on your keyboard. After you are done with typing, just copy everything and paste it into MS Word, OpenOffice, MSN nick etc.
Simple? Semoga ianya dapat memberi manfaat kepada kitani semua lebih-lebih lagi guru ugama =)
Sekian, Wassalam.


Selecting Text

Salam Anak IT reader(s),
Here I would like to share some brief or common knowledge on methods of selecting text or as you may usually say it ‘highlighting text’ in Microsoft Word using your… mouse!


No no no no no papoy! That’s not what I am going to talk about. It is not wrong though =) That, I can say is the most fundamental method of selecting text in word (= It would be rather tiring if you drag and highlight most of the time. No? Especially when you are dealing with pages of document to modify *cough* melawakan assignment punya report *cough* then again there are a lot of ways to select text in document and here is one of the many way.
So, without further ado… Here is the first method…
but before proceeding, senyum and buka MS Word... below is a sample text document that I am going to use throughout this article.
Now... we are ready to continue...
-take note on the position of my cursor/mouse pointer/arrow throughout the article-
To select a Word /Perkataan – double click on the word you want to highlight
as you can see above. That is a result of double clicking the word 'sentence' in the paragraph.
To select a Sentence/Ayat – hold the ctrl key and click anywhere in the sentence you want to select and the result of it is somewhat like what i have below...
To select a Paragraph/Perenggan – triple-click anywhere in the paragraph
Another method of selecting text is by using the selection bar. Selection bar is on your *fikir skajap kiri or kanan* I think and I am sure it is on your kiri/left hand side of the document. (<-- that side). When you place your cursor on that side of the text, your mouse cursor will change to right pointing arrow.
as you can see above... the white/highlighted side is the selection bar. And do you realize? cursor berubah arah macam kana tiup angin dari sebalah kiri at that area. Try and see it on your MS Word.
To select a Line of text – Katik sekali pakai tetikus bahagian kiri text yang kan di highlight
as you can see it highlights sebaris atu saja.
To select a Paragraph/ Perenggan – Katik dua kali arah bahagian kiri perenggan yang kan di highlight
And last but not least is to select the Entire document – Katik tiga kali arah selection bar atau takan ctrl(on your keyboard) and katik sekali di mana mana arah selection bar atu.
Atu ta saja dulu for now. Hope it will benefit you or anyone you share this with and may inspire you in any ways. (= feel free to comment. Kalau salah tolong betulkan. Kalau ada pertanyaan jangan malu untuk bertanya, InsyaAllah ANAK IT will try the best of the best to help.


FOSS - CCleaner

Salam Anak IT readers =)
The FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) for today is.......................... *drumroll*.................. *masih drumroll*........ CCleaner~ my favorite FOSS :)
So, what is CCleaner? It is a free cleaning tool for Windows OS. It is small with big *masih ada drumroll* capabilities and also very light =) it is also easy to use and a *pacahi drum kai pisau cukur* must-have tool for Windows OS. Download it for free at http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner or if malas kan copy paste click here. If you feel that it is useful you may have choice to donate or buy the software with priority support.
It has 3 category: Cleaner, Registry and Tools. For Cleaner, it cleans up your temporary files, cookies, clipboards etc. which is usually needed by the machine once but haven't been wiped off from the machine. Registry cleaning fixes any problems found on the registry while Tools cleaning deals with the software installed on the machine. This is the screenshot of the sofware:

To use Cleaner, simply click on the Analyze button and it will scans your machine for the junk files.

After the scanning is complete, click on the "Run Cleaner" button. Straight forward right? ;)

For Registry cleaning, click on the "Scan for Issues" button.

Sudahnya abis scanning, tekan punat *hahaha* "Fix selected issues..."

You will be asked either you want to backup your registry or not. To be on a safe side, just back it up and then follow the instructions.

Tools~ This is my favorite part. It has 3 sub-functions: Uninstall, Startup and System Restore. Yang Uninstall atue you know la apa ia but ;) but the most interesting part is the "Startup" feature. Usually the machine loads very slow after switched on. This is because of some programs being loaded at windows start-up. This software gives you freedom on choosing which program you want to be enabled during start-up and which programs you want to disable or even delete it from the start-up list =)

Semoga memberi manfaat arah kitani semua serta rakan-rakan dan saudara-mara tidak lupa adi beradi insyaAllah.
Sekian. Wassalam.


Go Green With Solar Energy

"Mengapa keta atue parking arah tangah-tangah lautan atue kan? Ngam-ngam bawah lampung lagi tue..."
The reason is...

Charging a handphone with solar panel
Salam Anak IT readers...
I would like to expose an energy efficient technology called SOLAR PANEL =) tau jua biskita tue kalie apa binatangnya huhu so na payah panjang ceta for today la k ;)
  • Can be used anywhere, inda payah cari plug karan rah dinding
  • UNLIMITED power source (renewable)
  • Silent - bukan hingar portable generator
  • No pollution
  • Minimum maintenance
Actually banyak plang lagi its advantages... It also carries disadvantages such as expensive (short-term) and may not be reliable on bad weather or even at night... The good thing about it is the fact that it is renewable in a way that it can be used rapidly unlike fuel, abis dipakai abis tah tue... For a long-term power source, solar energy might benefit us hugely... Its just that we have less access to these kind of power "gadget", ada tapinya inda banyak kalie...
Here are examples of charging/using a laptop with solar energy:

Click on the image to read further

I think that is it for today. If you have extra ideas, knowledge, skills and experience on today's topic, post it through comment =)
Sekian, wassalam...