Go Green With Solar Energy

"Mengapa keta atue parking arah tangah-tangah lautan atue kan? Ngam-ngam bawah lampung lagi tue..."
The reason is...

Charging a handphone with solar panel
Salam Anak IT readers...
I would like to expose an energy efficient technology called SOLAR PANEL =) tau jua biskita tue kalie apa binatangnya huhu so na payah panjang ceta for today la k ;)
  • Can be used anywhere, inda payah cari plug karan rah dinding
  • UNLIMITED power source (renewable)
  • Silent - bukan hingar portable generator
  • No pollution
  • Minimum maintenance
Actually banyak plang lagi its advantages... It also carries disadvantages such as expensive (short-term) and may not be reliable on bad weather or even at night... The good thing about it is the fact that it is renewable in a way that it can be used rapidly unlike fuel, abis dipakai abis tah tue... For a long-term power source, solar energy might benefit us hugely... Its just that we have less access to these kind of power "gadget", ada tapinya inda banyak kalie...
Here are examples of charging/using a laptop with solar energy:

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I think that is it for today. If you have extra ideas, knowledge, skills and experience on today's topic, post it through comment =)
Sekian, wassalam...