Interview @ iCentre Part1

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Assalammm. Actually, we were suppose to interview Sir Rayner Tan from iCentre last week but "nada jodoh" due to public holiday and so today we were planning to "melanggar" (without informing) iCentre which is located in Kg. Anggerek Desa. Unfortunately, Sir Rayner is not in Brunei and will be coming back by next week.
Unexpectedly, we were happily entertained by Mohd Fadzli Hj Roslan, Facility Officer at iCentre. Even though it was not really an interview, we had a chance to have a "short talk" regarding certain things (which is still can be considered as short interview? hehe). Members who were representing Anak IT were:
  • Fadhullah
  • Zulfadly
Mohd Fadzli from iCentre with Fadhullah representing Anak IT
The short interview session:
Zulfadly : Actually, we only want to know apa saja hardware technology yang kana pakai disini and also di Brunei...
Fadzli : Talking about hardware ah, hardware ane sebenarnya very "large" here. Tapi I have to say, you must have specific thing that you want to develop. Lets say you want to do active control like security control, you buy macam... active control atue yang ada RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) verification. You can also do it as attendance. Then you can also do a tracking system (with RFID). But that is more into hardware. To create the system, you also need to create the software kan tue... to balance the outcome. If I want to say it now that I know barang ane, then bias tia. To be honest, we have someone who knows these things. Maybe he can talk more about the hardware... as well as the software lah.
Zulfadly Fadhullah : *angguk-angguk*
Fadzli : Tapi... Anyway, for now, I can share with you that the system that they use atue (system yang canggih yang bejual dikadai), is normally for "big shot" like government, urang kaya catue lah (pasal mahal harganya). Because normally urang Brunei masa ani alum mampu membali barang atue for personal use. Here, we don't want to talk about those big shots. We are trying to RE-create the system for public, meaning to say, WE, re-create the program. Sama pulang the program but we re-create using cheaper materials, hardware nya ni ah... as example we buy the motherboard for 80 dollars, then "tambah, tambah, tambah", and then we install the software (into the customised hardware). It is cheap so that it is available to public. Something like that. We RE-create. Bukannya kita invent baru... but if we invent, it starts from zero.
- Due to some Intellectual Properties matter involved in the short interview, Anak IT could not expose the further interview session -
Even if it was a short one, we achieved some knowledge that might be useful for us to implement it in any system creation projects in the near future. There are surely a lot of RFID reader inside the building. Since Zulfadly has his my own RFID card inside his wallet, he had like to test it out whether he could gain access from it or not by tapping his RFID card onto the RFID reader hehehe and ofcourse the result is predictable; "Invalid PIN number" or ampir-ampir catue la..
We would like to thank Mohd Fadzli Hj Roslan from iCentre for his companion and escort. Meet you again next week ;) and for Anak IT reader, wait for the upcoming "Interview @ iCentre Part2". Thank you for your support.
Reported by:
Zulfadly & Fadhullah
iCentre's Monthly Schedule : There will be a visit from Mahasiswa/Mahasiswi Institut Teknologi Brunei next two weeks.
Today's activity was "sponsored" by Air Suling
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