Alert - MSN Spammer

Salam. This article is especially goes to those who are using MSN Messenger.
I would like to share a problem that I am facing with MSN nowadays and I BELIEVE this might happen to you as well. Pernah biskita kana add arah msn oleh urang yang biskita inda kenal nda batah ane? I mean, BANYAK yang add biskita? If ada, those are actually ROBOTS yang dicipta untuk menghantar SPAM arah MSN biskita and so BEWARE of them. Below are SOME exampleS that I notified them as ROBOTS:
I will tell you what would happen if you accept these ROBOTS into your MSN's contact list:
  1. First, they will click on you and say something like "Hi..."
  2. Second, if you reply ANYTHING, they will reply you back something like "your asl pls? Im 21/f"
  3. Third, even if biskita bakunyanyang barunai pun bisdia masih dengan omputih bisdia "where have you been?"
  4. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, they will give you a link as example "i've uploaded our pictures. you look funny on the last picture http://ourpictures.info" where the link MIGHT contains spyware/viruses
Apa yang unik lagi pasal bisdia ane, they can even NUDGE YOU IF YOU DONT REPLY!! Bwuahwuhauhuwhuawa what a good-logical-programmer-style ;) So... Have you faced the same occurrence? If so, you better block and delete them from your contact list.
It doesn't stop there. Have you ever encounter a friend of yours sending messages that have links embedded? and when you want to reply it back, they already appeared offline?... If so, it means that their msn are ultimately affected and you need to inform them as soon as possible so that they can at least googling on how to remove it.
These are the samples of SPAM messages that I received from friends in my contact list (PLEASE DO NOT PERUSE ANY LINKS BELOW. IF MATINGAL JUA, EXAMINE THE LINKS ON YOUR OWN RISK):
  • Are you still interested in the goods, I found the perfect site, money back guarentee and fast shipping here www.Userbig.com
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Tips untuk mengelakkan dari MSN Spammers:
  1. Alert kawan biskita yang kan add biskita arah MSN contact list bisdia and also make sure biskita tau apa MSN email address bisdia so that when bisdia add biskita, biskita tau yang atue bukan robot
  2. If rasanya yang add biskita atue inda biskita kenal, click on the "Block this person from seeing when"
  3. Never click any links yang meragukan or membuat biskita "gagau ati"
  4. Pasang Internet Security (such as Kaspersky Internet Security or Panda Internet Security)
  5. Istaghfirillah... Close tia msn atue... Menimba ilmu lagi da bomb (y) <-- (good finger emoticon in MSN)
I think... Atue kalie saja that I would like to share with pembaca Anak IT today... Until the next post~