Laptop As Backup Server

Salam Anak IT. I'll just post a short and simple article for today.
Any readers who run/maintain a server? If yes, do you have a back-up just in-case your main server beulah? Purchasing another server might sounds good but I would like to share my other alternative.
In office, (becerita ta plang nah...) I have layers of Server Back-Up and one of them is using an extra laptop yang "inda bepakai". It might sound "irrelevant" but as I said I am just sharing my ideas. For this purpose, the laptop needs to run 24/7... But... Ok kah tue? Inda melatup kah?
So far, the longest period that I didn't switched off (not even restarting) the LAPTOP was about 6 to 7 months? Hahaha it is a LAPTOP; not an ordinary PC. For those yang satu kepala with this title, I would like to share certain points with you.
Facts on usage:
  1. Act as a BACK-UP server (at the office)
  2. Also act as SECONDARY Web Server
  3. A tool for me to troubleshoot my office's network from remote location (outside office)
  4. A tool to troubleshoot network locally (within office's building)
  • Semua yang tertera di atas
  • It is compact (portable) rather than having another PC for such purpose
  • Less power consumption compared to ordinary PC/Server
  • Only need ONE power cord
Tips & Recommendations:
  1. Make sure you lift the laptop up a little bit for ventilation
  2. Heat is the worse enemy for any electronic devices and so make sure the room is always air-conditioned
  3. Never use Wi-fi connectivity for this purpose.
  4. Secure its FTP access (for Back-Up through FTP)
Well... As I said, nothing much sebenarnya but I appreciate your time for reading this (even if you don't understand) hahaha but yeah... That is another thing that you could do with your extra laptop. Until the next post.