Printing Habit

Salam Anak IT readers.
There are a lot of ways to help contribute to green!! apart from using recycling bags on weekends.
Now here I want to share one easy step to go green. yes this goes to YOU dear reader who knows how to connect your desktop/laptop/pc to printer and print your assignment, articles, documents etc. etc. etc.

here are few tips I can share with you hope it help you save the papers and trees towards going green:
- print what you NEED only
- When printing from web browser it is advisable to use 'print range - selection' option rather than printing the whole website including the web ads
- use small fonts where necessary (for your assignments dear students please follow your report guidelines and if possible janganta kan pakai font basar and spacing basar supaya report tabal usulnya hehehe ;p )
- before you print, proof read!! this is to allow less error in printing and use print preview it is 99.9% WYSIWYG (the 1% is human error if you don't use the proper paper size when printing then what you see is not what you get and this is as far as i am concerned... do share if print preview is not WYSIWYG)
- fit most of the thing in one paper. adjust the content, print back to back, print more than one slides in one handout, change margins to narrow
- if you can email the document then use emails instead of printing it
- recycle the paper, use it twice where necessary. (use both sides)
- switch off your printer and cabut plugnya dari plug dinding when you are done with it. (save energy selajur ;) namanya go green kan )
*WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get

This is as a reminder to YOU and ME and YOU may spread this to EVERYONE and WE may remind EACH OTHER :)

Alhamdulillah...Sedikit ilmu yang dapat dikongsikan buat masa ane. do share your opinions and thoughts :) semoga dapat memberi manfaat kepada semua insyaAllah.
P/S: selamat menyambut isra' mikraj