Miana Kan Tue? #2

Milah (bukan nama sebenar): Dapat di trace urang yang menggunakan FB ku tanpa pengetahuan ku? Kemarin FB ku kana gunakan then ia m'order kasut tempat 0nlineshopping @ FB.. In inbox, the Onlineshop says aku m'order kasut darinya and stated my name and my private phone no.. When I checked my sent item, mana ada.. Maybe deleted by that "hacker".. So do you have any solution? (the question is edited for more convenience)
Admin: There are certain ways how the "hacker" gain your FB authentication information. You may read further here on how people may obtain your password as well as simple tips how to secure your password. For your first question, eventually it is hard to successfully "trace" the person due to FB's prvacy terms unless if the hacker uses your computer, you may consider to use keylogger (click here to read further on keylogger) as an early precaution. There are millions of FB user around the globe and I think tracking every user's IP address might be less priority for FB team a.k.a "they don't usually care". Plus, you are not the only victim and FB might have a problem to cater and investigate all the cases.
Next step is to "look at your own mirror". How much information (about yourself) are you exposing in your FB account for public view? Some information that you gave to public may give them some points to "hack" your FB account. You may read my previous post on "How less valuable data may become a threat". Regarding your phone number, FB usually expose your email address along with your phone number to people who are in your friend list. Every FB users are recommended to hide these information. "Kalau bulih tah pakai nama samaran saja". To maximize your FB privacy setting, you may click here.
If you really want to dig this person out, ask the onlineshop to forward the message sent by the "hacker" earlier and also ask what day/time the message has been sent, then try to think like this "hacker". Hopefully you will gain some useful information from that.
Here are some useful tips:
  • Never give too much information about yourself in cyberworld
  • Change your password frequently
  • If possible, never share your computer with other people
  • When your computer is being used by other people, BE THERE to observe every actions
  • Never accept friend request from people you do not know in FB
  • "Sabar itu separuh daripada iman"
  • "Balas kejahatan dengan kebaikan"
  • Delete current FB account and create a new one or simply delete unfamiliar people in your friend list
Be more careful next time and bear in mind that internet is for EVERYONE including that kind of people. Other people might have even better solution for you. Those who have some other points to share with Anak IT readers regarding this matter, kindly post your comment =)
Sekian, wasslam.