Miana Kan Tue? #1

Fizul Hy: cana bleh atu aa...my laptop initial graphic card 1789MB....after upgrade to 64bit...jd 2549MB arh dxdiag...any idea?
ALai KoGawa: ok..i'll answer this as simple as possible to understand..hehehh.msa 32bit the system can calculate limited memories to be processed then when upgrading to 64bit the system it also upgrade the address memory amount like what u can see with ...ure graphic card which means it calculate at that amount and thus improve its video encoding and decoding methods..upgrading 64bits also likewise allow addressing more ram up to 16GB where 32bit cant..in conclusion for those upgrades..the bigger (which is 64bits) the more the system can hold and calculate the memory..hehehe..(p/s: kalau ada salah tolong betulkan..this is based on my expertise regarding hardware and software..hehehe)
Fizul Hy: okay...its based on its capacity that 64bit can hold...something like that?
ALai KoGawa: yeap..its something just like that..
Fizul Hy: thnx a lot ^^)