Miana Kan Tue? #10

Hussain (bukan nama sebenar): Bro, last time when aku kan meRecord suara arah my laptop, ia inda "recognise" my Microphone.... Lansung nada bunyi when recording.... Mengapa ia tue? Banyak Microphone dah ku cuba so I guess its not masalah Microphone kan tue?
Zulfadly Ismail: Maybe sal kita alum ubah setting arah volume panel nya kalie.. Here are instructions cana kan enable biskita punya Microphone..
First, double-click arah "volume" icon at the bottom right panel, next to tempat meliat jam.

When meluah "Master Volume" window, aga arah Options > Properties

Arah Mixer devices, select "input" instead of "output", then click "OK" button

As you can see under "Mic Volume", by default biasanya kana "Mute" tue.. So unmute it by not checking the Mute checkbox =)

Oh.. Make sure both "mic volume" and "Recording" volume biskita naikkan jua kang inda meluah bunyi hehe ;)
Try to record using your mic again hopefully that helps insyaAllah =)