A Different Way of Presenting

With so many things like assignments and presentations going on in Uni life, you often tend to stumble upon the thought of how to make your presentations much much more interesting. Amazingly, a few days ago, for a certain lecture, I was introduced to a new way of presenting by my fellow peers. They made their presentation very dynamic with words moving here and there.
At first, I thought they had made it from scratch using Flash but then I noticed a logo at the bottom left corner of the screen. 
Now I know I may be a little late on this, but for those who have never heard of this before, Prezi is basically a web-based presentation app launched somewhere in May 2008. So it has pretty much been around for the past 3 years or so. It's easy to access as long as you have the internet, simply go toprezi.com. The website basically looks like this

I was wow-ed by how you can just jump from word to word and zoom in and out easily with the click of a mouse. The presentation would just be on a wide canvas instead of separate slides, like on a Powerpoint presentation. However, in order to start making your own prezis you will have to sign up and upon signing up, this will be asked
In addition, you can also download prezi on your desktop, or your iPad, so that you can just work-on-the-go. Unfortunately, the creators of prezi have yet to release a prezi app for Android, but they have mentioned that they are working on it. Below is a sample of a completed prezi.
I will give further detail after I have completed experimenting with the site. That's all for now folks.