Hello guys!!!! This is going to be my first article. SOoooo it's going to be short and simple. Just a website I wanted to share :) which I saw on the 24th of February 2010 (today) just before my test which is the 25th (tomorrow) hehe before 9 PM. I wanted to post it immediately but my connection went DOWN!!! Argh! Anyways here it goes.
Do you have trouble of trying to figure out if your SQL is correct? Do you have to go to your university to try out? Hehehe worry no more. I have found this cool website that allows you to try SQL or MySQL or XML or Java. Go to http://sqlzoo.net/ and choose the language you are using just beside the 'login'. If it is SQL oracle, please choose Oracle – MySql is totally a different language. In the text area just type your SQL as you can see below the one I typed and then just click 'Submit Query' and Walaaa you will see what you want to see (if the one you typed is correct :) ) if not, it will show error message which is easier to understand (in my opinion). PLEASE IGNORE the table at the top and also the descriptions unless you want to see the original coding and tables.
Hope this article will help you guys :)
Khadijah Said