Anti-Virus? Barang mainan kanak2?

Salam Anak IT.
My first question would be, "what is your anti-virus?" and it goes with "does it genuine or patched/cracked?". Well, based on my research, for the past few years, most people in Brunei would probably use "cracked" anti-virus. Due to certain virus and spyware issues happened to us nowadays, the level of security awareness in our country has been increased dramatically and this is when then people usually asked "apa anti-virus mu? ok kah?" hahaha...
Have you ever heard of "rogue anti-virus"? Basically, ianya adalah apa nya urang kitani "talam dua muha" as in "iblis bertopengkan manusia makai jubah putih"? Hehehe luan deep kalie words atue but it is an anti-virus or anti-spyware which contains virus/spyware itself. Yang lebih teruknya, it will download more viruses/spywares into your machine and may lead to corrupting your harddisk. Bad, isn't it?
One of the most famous rogue sofwares available in the internet. It looks professional, right? People with less awareness would probably fall for it.
Another "Antivirus 2010"? Mana satu yang lurus tue? Hahaha read further about it here. There is stated "The most annoying feature of Antivirus 2010 is its ability to crash a computer". Ragat nyanta? Nasib baik inda menanam bomb dalam komputer hahaha
Most of rogue softwares I've met was sourced from "CRACKED" anti-virus/spyware installed into the machine. If you would like to protect your house, would you hire an ordinary worker without paying him/her money for the job or hire a certified security personnel with payment? What I meant is that, in order to protect something valuable, you need to INVEST something into it. Unfortunately, anak kitani ane luan paaayaaahh kan adapt with this kind of "investment". Semuanya kan mau "free".
One day, a person asked me "Jeng, ada antivirus da bomb? Ada crack nya jua? Minta ku. Kan ku pasang arah laptop ku ah" then I replied "Bali bah di kadai ah" and guess what apa ia balas... "MAHAL KALIE AH $35 atu"... So... I imagined if something happen to his/her valuable data due to virus/spyware, I would probably say "I think your data only has a value less than $35 so why don't you buy that lost data arah kadai?"... This is one of the things that I really feel "ish ish ish" about our people. Telling the truth, I've been facing people CRYING on their corrupted harddisk and said "harddisk ku bervirus".
Back to our topic, if you value your data, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you to use GENUINE Security Software (anti-virus/anti-spyware). In the past, it is hard for us to get the genuine anti-virus since we did not have access to the product but now it is widely available in our country (same goes to genuine Operating Systems) with lots of varieties. Every each day, there is at least one virus/spyware has been created. You would not realise it unless you experience it yourself.
The conclusion is, why bali laptop mahal-mahal if anti-virus yang ori pun payah-payahan kan bali? If you have something valuable, you need to protect it (unless you feel that it does not have any values at all). This article especially goes to those people who approached me asking for cracked antivirus, with LOVE. Sekian.