First of all, I would like to thank Anak IT’s founder for making me part of contributors. Even though the article editor interface is not that easy to learn, but it is an honor for me to give contribution to Anak IT.P/S: Jan lupa lanja ah hehe
For my first article, I would like to share with you guys about a software that I usually work with for audio editing. It is called Audacity. It is an open source software a.k.a FREE to use. For those yang memerlukan this software untuk edit mp3 or wav, you may go to http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/ and download it based on your Operating System. It is now widely used in education in most of multimedia courses around the globe for learning audio editing.
Currently, Audacity works with these Operating Systems:
  • Windows (xp/vista/7)
  • Mac (OS X)
  • Linux
Audacity's User Interface
I use Audacity to:
  • Trim a song or memanggal-manggal lagu untuk jadikan short ringtone
  • Bagi effect to any audio file especially fade-in and fade-out effect
  • Combine tracks into a song
  • Removing noise (hiss sound)
  • Basarkan the volume of the song
Effects available in Audacity
Here are further elaborations on its built-in effects:
  • Amplify - Membasari volume lagu
  • Bass Boost - Membasari bunyi bass or labuk-labuk
  • Change Pitch - Menukar suara jadi Chipmunk or Low-tone
  • Change Speed - Melajukan or memperlahankan lagu
  • Change Tempo - I think kurang labih sama macam Change Speed
  • Click Removal - Membuang "click" and "pop" sounds?
  • Compressor - What I can tell is that it reduces the "quality" unrecognisably
  • Echo - Bagi effect macam dalam gua
  • Equalization - Ala-ala equalizer dalam keta or arah set karaoke
  • Fade In - Make the sound timbul perlahan-lahan
  • Fade Out - Make the sound hilang perlahan-lahan
  • FFT Filter - Usulnya macam Equalizer jua but this one has more controls
  • Invert - I think... Hmmm swapping the right channel to left channel and vice versa?
  • Noise Removal - Buang bunyi noise "ssssssssss" or bunyi aircond
  • Normalize - Kurang labih macam Amplify but this one control the frequency supaya inda "pacah"
  • Nyquist Prompt - It requires us to code-in something but I won't bother since it doesn't "taste" so useful
  • Phaser - Making the sound goes kiri ke kanan and kanan ke kiri (only in Stereo mode and only works with Stereo Speaker)
  • Repeat - "Copying and pasting" the highlighted area with "number of times to repeat" feature
  • Reverse - Terbalikkan bunyinya
  • Wahwah - Bagi bunyi "UFO" effect haha bunyinya macam Phaser effect but its a bit faster
You may experiment the effects on your own and try to analyse what each effect does to your audio file (mp3, wav, aif, au, ogg). I've produced many tracks with this software (to be precised, "combination of softwares which INCLUDES Audacity" hehe) and you may download one of my samples below:
MenjunjungDuli.mp3 Produced in 2006
- End -