Local Bandwidth Meter

Salam Anak IT.
Today, I will "reveal" one of the must-know tools I used for network-related troubleshoot. Well, not exactly "troubleshooting" perhaps more into "checking".
How do you feel when you drive your car, your speed meter is not working? Hahahaha you will surely feel "pelahan jua mutuka ani ah misidis saja" but the speed meter is actually 180kmph? Or maybe the other way round... This only goes to those who always look at their speed meter while driving.
So, for those who are not really care about their speed meter, it is just like MOST of us when we browse the internet. Would you actually check your internet bandwidth speed right before you open up your internet browser? Hehehe napa takidum? "Of course la inda kan bhapa jua ku cek".
It might not be as useful as it sounds but particular people like "us" would DEFINITELY check the bandwidth for certain cases. "Haha yeka?.. Untuk apa saja?" Have you ever wonder when suddenly your internet is not as swiftly as it used to be? Well maybe ada urang download torrent or streaming videos but how are you going to check for that? Nda jua kan masuk dalam mutuka then liat speed meter nya? Bwauhwuhauhwa one good tip is check your router if the "active" link from other network user kalap-kalap dengan pantasnya and inda merunggai.
As you can see at the bottom of this page, there is a button named "SPEED TEST" where it will lead you to http://speedtest.net/ website and that server is not located in our country. There is a service provided by TelBru's BruNet named "speedometer". You need to enter their address "http://www.brunet.bn" from your web browser and then look for "speedometer" button on the right hand side. It would not be working properly for web browsers which do not have flash player properly installed. For people like us, it is "assassinating" our precious time especially when the browser doesn't have flash player.
So, for those who are using e-speed connection or any local Internet Service Provider, you may type "" directly on your web browser or simply click here. Only a small group of people know about its existence. It is not very "word-friendly" and "luan-sanang-kan-ingati" since it is an IP address but for us, it is a must to memorise it (well we are already immune to remember a lot of IP addresses especially Hopefully BruNet will not put the service out of action in the near future as it might be useful especially for some anak-anak IT kitani. Sekian.
My first test...