Hello World!

"Selamat Datang Ke Programming Laboratory. Tekan 1 untuk Bahasa C++, Tekan 2 untuk Bahasa Visual Basic, Tekan tekan untuk tekan tekan..."
Hello world! *hahaha tarus-tarus* Salam Anak IT.
For those who have done any basic programming, I believe the phrase "Hello World!" is not a new thing for you. But the question is... Why "Hello World!"? Inda dapat word lain kah?
Anyway, the sentence "hello world" was first introduced around 1970's and has been used up until now especially in Programming Language tutorial. The first and the most important part in programming is DISPLAYING TEXT. In real life, you need to speak out or even write on a piece of paper to COMMUNICATE with each other. In cyber world, the most used media for communication is using text.
Anyone using MSN right now? I am pretty sure you would type words using your keyboard in order to communicate with other MSN users unless you are not in a mood to type things and prefer to use your voice through microphone-speaker medium to communicate with them. But, in human-computer communication, can you really do it that way? *pasang microphone then mengeriak "START" basar-basar rah komputer* hahahaha who knows in the future, speech recognition will be applied to control our machine (I heard that it is now has been applied but only to type characters, not controlling the system).
So back to our topic, in order for human-computer to communicate, there must be TEXT just like how we communicate with people. All beginners in programming need to know how to display words in their programs depending on what Application and Operating System they are using.
Here, I will show you how to display "Anak I.T" on different examples of most-used application:
P/S: The coding here is only for demonstration. When you write real coding, DO NOT FORGET to indentyour code. It is the best practice.
Until next time, sekian. Wabillahitaufiq Walhidayah.