How a picture may affect your design

Salam Anak IT.
"How a picture may affect your design" or actually I could say it "How IMAGINARY picture may affect your design".
If you want to design something, first you must have good imagination how the design would be. But for those yang inda dapat imagine atue miana?
Here I would like to share a basic concept on designing.
  • WHAT is it all about?
  • WHY do you need to design it?
  • WHERE do you want to put the design?
  • WHEN the design takes place?
  • And the most important part is, WHO is your target audience?
If you have compiled everything, you may have certain points which you would like to include in your design.
As example, when I created ANAK I.T's logo, I was thinking on certain points...
  • WHAT is it all about?
    • Aaaaa... It is... mmmm... paaasaaaall.... IT? haha ok any computer related...
  • WHY do I need it?
    • To author the http://anak.it la... every product NEEDS a logo kalie ah... It shows the people the product itself... Mustahil jua keta liksus or even misidis inda ada logo masing-masing...
  • WHERE I will place the logo?
    • Mainly arah http://anak.it which the site's objective is to give anak Brunei kitani basic knowledge on certain computer-related issues...
  • WHO is my target audience?
    • The readers which I BELIEVE, most of them will be computer-literated or the best way to put it "pandai menaip arah MS Word or OpenOffice" or even worse "buka pisbuk tiap ari"
So... Hmmm... It is about computer-related?... Hmmm... Let me see... *liat sekeliling apa yang kena mengena sal IT/Computer*
GOTCHA! I've locked my eyes on something... My DELL LCD Monitor's on/off switch button's symbol... I took a picture of it...
Alright... I got the first point... On/Off Switch button... Every people knows that it is usually used by computer hardware to switch it ON and OFF... *now even mobile phones use the same symbol*... Then... Apa lagi?... *subuk dalam computer* ahahaha I've got my second point... Every machine uses motherboard nowadays... Then... Hmmm... *selak buku komputer pasal Computer System* Alright... ZEROs and ONEs... "Computer only understand 0 and 1" or I called it On and Off... That is the only way how human can interact with computer... It is called "machine language" or in general people named it as "Binary"...
Tapinya kan... Usually every organisation ada motto bisdia sendiri... Should I put it?... "The site's objective is to give anak Brunei kitani basic knowledge on certain computer-related issues" so it is basically a learning place kah?... Since it is mainly for anak Brunei kitani, why not I use Perambahan Brunei as the motto which is related to learning?... Oh! I got it...
When I compile everything, I have these points with me to be included in the logo designing development:
  • ON/OFF Switch symbol
  • Motherboard and of course the colour of green
  • Binary
  • Perambahan Brunei as motto
After the development process, here is what I've got,
ANAK I.T's logo
If you remember in my previous post regarding design, the design should not include "I, Me, We, Us, My BF/GF". The logo was created based on the points listed before and bukannya "aku mau cani... yang ani bisai..." . During the development, I've asked certain IT-related people which is also my target audience regarding the logo design and based on their opinions, I've changed certain elements and finished up the logo development process.
Here are some example of my products with given points:
Acara: Pertandingan Akhir Drama Bahasa Melayu...
Tempat: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka
The word "DRAMA" makes me imagine a stage or apa nya kitani as pentas. When I further my imagination, I picture a stage of Sekolah Menengah Berakas (back when I was in secondary school) which has red curtain as tutup/buka pentas masa persembahan drama. So, here is what I've done. Around 10 minutes punya kraja including planning/analysis and development processes.
Acara: Persembahan Malam Juara-Juara Pertandingan Kesenian dan Kebudayaan
Jam: 7:30 Malam
Bertempat: Ruang Legar The Mall Gadong
The points are:
  • Pasal Kesenian dan Kebudayaan
    • Corak Aing Mulih (Kesenian Brunei), warna Hijau (Kebudayaan Islam Brunei), warna Keemasan (Warna Seni Pertukangan Brunei)
  • Acara berlangsung waktu MALAM
    • Dark design
  • Arah Mall Gadong
    • Gambar to be filled at the back of the programme book. The PICTURE shows that the event is held at The Mall Gadong.
Im sorry that maybe arah sini the text for the title may hardly readable since I compressed and resized the image to be viewed on this site but the original is in A4 size paper (Borderless) lipat dua.
Another one,
Acara: Walkaton Hari Guru
Lokasi: Pantai Seri Kenangan
The points will be:
  • Acara Walkathon
    • Tapak kasut
  • Berlangsung di pantai
    • Pasir
Jika dicantumkan menjadi "Tapak Kasut di atas pasir",
Sekian. Wabillahitaufiq walhidayah.