Internet Connection Problem

For the past few weeks, it has been a pain in the neck for most of us to browse the internet. These are my bandwidth reading last night. I am using e-Speed's 512kbps service.
My average speed
After "Retest" for so many times, this would be the highest speed I could get
My other friends were also facing the same problem where the connectivity is "undulating". B-Mobile's Zoom! Broadband user also told me that the broadband usually "putus-putus" and they need to reconnect "balik-balik".
Some of the possible reason for this are:
  • May have relation to cyberwar that is going on this week. See this article to find out.
  • Our Internet Service Provider (ISP) is currently doing maintenance? Who knows? But surely BruNet's Website is currently under maintenance.
  • Natural disaster that has been broke out recently e.g. earthquake
  • Dan yang sewaktu dengannya
Oleh itu, para pengguna Internet dinasihatkan agar lebih bersabar dan menggunakan Internet yang ada dengan sebaik mungkin. Sekian.