Most Common Password in Cyber Threat

Salam Anak IT Readers~
Tiba masanya, pantun dijunjung,
Pantun kini, karya satu cerita,
Cerita yang panjang, nada penghujung,
Mun catu tantu ku pindikkan tah saja~
Here is the list of most common passwords in cyberworld...
  • 123456
  • abc123
  • qwerty
  • iloveu
  • password
  • pass
  • *IC Number
  • 12345678
  • 123
  • manutd
  • liverpool
  • letmein
  • iwantu
  • soccer
  • 111111
  • enter
  • imissu
  • hello
  • aslplz
  • computer
  • keyboard
  • guitar
  • *Car's plate number
  • hannah
  • montana
  • princess
  • pwincess
  • cool
  • imhot
  • stabber
  • *First name
  • mypass
  • hotmail
  • aaaaaa
  • whatever
  • uknowit
  • secret
  • kembayau
  • piasau
  • lovehubby
  • *Country Name
  • *Phone Number
  • chelsea
  • flower
  • redrose
Anything else? If ada ketinggalan, mind to post it through your comment =) Thanks~
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Security+ Certificate

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