This is especially goes to WINDOWS OS users...
Have you ever experience system freezed? Hang?
If something like that happen to your system, what will you do?
I bet 98% of you probably already know what you will need to do. But this goes especially to the other 2%.
Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE simultaneously at a time!

When the "Windows Task Manager" appears, "End Task" any application with "Not Responding" status.
If masih jua matingal nda mau, takan switch on/off rah komputer biskita batah-batah sampai ia pajah, then takan lagi sekali.

Sekian, wassalam...

P/S: Mun rasanya payah-payahan, switch to Ubuntu, end of story~ <laugh>gyahgyahgyahgyahgyahgyahgyah</laugh>