Customising your folder in Windows

Assalam Anak IT Readers~

Today I will tell you miana kan "customise" folder biskita especially your favourite folder by putting any image that you like to be as its background image. The following picture illustrate the typical and "boring" folder...

The first thing that you need to do is, put your favourite picture inside your favourite folder. For this example, I will use a folder named "AnakIT" which I located in C drive and so the folder's full address is "C:\AnakIT".

Using any text editor (such as notepad or wordpad), type the following code:

Malas kan taip? Hahaha copy it from here then...

Replace your_image.jpg with the picture's name that you have selected earlier. In this case, I use "Img01.jpg" to be the background of the folder.

For the IconArea_Text, the "0x00FFFFFF" represents white colour. I use white colour for my text because my background picture is dark. Mun pakai itam kang langsung pajah inda lagi nampak apa-apa bwauhuwhuahwa but just in-case you want the text to be in black colour, use "0x00000000" instead. The last 6 characters are actually representing RGB colour code so if I use "0x0000FF00", the text will be in green colour.

After you are done, save the text document into your folder and name the file as "desktop.ini". Set the "Save as type:" to "All files" and click the "Save" button.

The next step will requires you to run a command. Go to Start>Run or simply press Windows+R keys on your keyboard

Type the following command:attrib +s "your folder's full address"

Since my folder is "C:\AnakIT", so I need to type:attrib +s "C:\AnakIT"

Press "OK" button and go to your customised folder and see whether if it does work or not.

Selamat mencuba~

Sekian, wassalam...