How To Find Your MAC Address in Windows XP?

Salam readers...
Media Access Control address or best known as MAC address, is an address uniquely assign to any network physical device adapter such as Network Interface Card (NIC), Wireless Router, even Smartphone (with Wi-fi capable) have one...
Other than MAC address, it is also known as:
  • Ethernet Hardware address
  • Network Hardware address
  • Physical address
We do not usually bother to know what is the MAC address for the network device that we are using as long as "dapat dipakai". However, there are certain cases where you need to know your network device's MAC address. One of good examples will be when you deal with "MAC filtering" on your wireless router.
So follow these few steps to look for your machine's (not exactly machine, but network adapter) MAC address...
First, go to Start>Run or simply press WINDOWS+R keys on your keyboard. When the "Run" window appears, type "cmd" and click OK button.

On the command prompt, type the following string:
ipconfig /all
and then press Enter key on your keyboard.

You will see information regarding your networking configurations. One of them will be "Physical Address". The string next to it with 00-00-00-00-00-00 string format is your adapter's MAC address.

There you go... That is how you find your MAC Address in Windows (XP) Operating System... Tomorrow I will post a short article on how to find your MAC address in Ubuntu Operating System InsyaAllah...
Until next time~ wassalam...