Is Every New OS Secured/Stable?

Salam Anak IT.
If you are a computer "geek", what will you do if you heard any OS developer saying that their new Operating System is released? Get it straight away?... Or wait until everyone is using the OS?...
Here are some advices, mostly based from my personal experience. There are some drawbacks of the new released Operating System that you reeaallllyyy need to consider:
  1. Alum luan stable banar...
  2. Hardware incompatibility "cornflakes"
  3. Poor graphic manipulation
  4. Risk of data loss
  5. Performance kureeeng~
  6. Availability of Security loopholes
  7. Requires to download soooo many patches
  8. Makes the user kambang "aku makai OS baru dah~ wooooo~"
  9. Dan yang sewaktu dengannya
I believe there are many more of these but that depends on which type of Operating System implemented.
I remembered last time when Windows Vista was freshly released, everyone was talking about it... "Bui... Ko makai Vista dah?", "Jeng... Di mana berulih tue ah Windows Vista ah?", "Dapat ko formatkan laptop ku jadi Windows Vista?"... And guess what... In the end, "Bro... nyasal plang ku makai Vista ah...", "Dapat kita downgrade kan my laptop from Windows Vista ke Windows XP?", "Laptopku system-crash ahh!! Miana kan tue?!"... Alum lagi yang jenis penyumpahan tue hahaha...
So, I suggest if there is a new OS release that you want to try out, try it with your secondary or less important machines, not with the machine which you are using to deal with daily activities.
Sekian, semoga mendatangkan manfa'at.