Virtual Keyboard

Salam Anak IT.
A word "virtual" means... Anyone can define it in malay or even bahasa melayu kitani? hahaha "aaaaaa virtual means... virtual lah... yang cematu atue bah" or I should say something that is not really that something?... *cana kan tue?* If I say "virtual keyboard" you might imagine something like in the picture below:
Or even worse...
Hahaha no... What I will be writing about is "On-Screen Keyboard". If you are running on Windows Operating System, go to Start>Run or simply press Windows+R keys on your keyboard then type "osk" without the quotes. "osk" stands for On-Screen Keyboard.
Click OK button and the On-Screen Keyboard will appear.
So... Apa gunanya ne?... I will ask you, how many times do you enter your password in a day? *especially those yang buka email tiap hari and facebook-ing time waktu kraja* and arah komputer mana biskita taip the password? Komputer diri? Komputer adi beradi? Komputer UPIS? Do you think so far you are the only person who knows all your personal password? Think again...
Here, I would like to share one of the "password-stealing" techniques that is frequently used by Anak-anak IT with bad intentions. In hacking methodologies, there is one technique named Human-Based Social Engineering. It is a PHYSICAL contact made by the attacker to the victim and in this case, it is the victim's machine.
Have you ever heard of key logger? You may visit this website to understand what the HARDWARE does. I actually own it myself but I will post it later with pictures under Gadget/Tool section. Try to understand how does it work and why it is NEARLY UNDETECTABLE since no one would ever check on the back of their computers right before using the machine, would you? *kan apa ku jua unless ada suara dang siti blakang atue barutah ku liat bwauhuawahahwa*
So, basically what it does is RECORDING EVERY KEY STROKED THROUGH THE PHYSICAL KEYBOARD INCLUDING YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD. Scary? Even more scary when your parents put the device at your computer and reading any of your conversations with bf/gf HAHAHA *well it is good for the parents so that they easily can monitor their children's cyber activities. I have another extra of this hardware device and those parents yang tepakai, give highest bid. Echewah~ hahaha*
Next, in order to prevent this thing to be happened, this is the time when the virtual keyboard comes in handy *or jadi hero la tue nya*. The solid tip is NEVER USE YOUR KEYBOARD TO ENTER YOUR PASSWORD. Just click the character on the virtual keyboard using your MOUSE. Tapinya mun pakai on-screen keyboard untuk msn bari lalah jua tue ah... kang kana komplem "napa lambat reply?" tau tah anak time ani senitip hahahaha
Another good thing is that, for those yang makai Kaspersky INTERNET SECURITY (i'm not sure arah Kaspersky Anti-Virus) ada menawarkan perkhidmatan Virtual Keyboard attached to internet browser
For those yang makai Kaspersky Internet Security, you will realise that there are Kaspersky icons appear somewhere on the toolbar. One of the icon titled "Open Virtual Keyboard" the one yang warnanya itam putih... Try to click on it and see what happen...
Tadaaaaa~ it is just the same like Windows's On-Screen Keyboard
You may try another virtual keyboard which is available on the internet but I DO NOT really recommend to use them. This is due to untrusted software creation. As example, if I am the one who create the virtual keyboard (bear in mind that it is STILL a software created with coding) I might put a code where it records your password and DELIVER it to me STEALTHILY or tanpa pengetahuan biskita. So, be careful.
I think that is it for today and until next time, Wabillahi Taufiq Walhidayah. Sekian.