Key Logger

Salam Anak IT.
As I promised in the last post regarding Virtual Keyboard under Security category, here is the key logger that I was writing about. Gambarnya inda berubah tue purely RAW dari camera hahaha and yes warna purple since the international colour standard for PS/2 keyboard is purple and green for PS/2 mouse. If inda paham jua, cuba silak belakang computer biskita ada tue port warna purple sama hijau bersebelahan or bejiranan nya urang kitani. But nowadays PS/2 socket type jarang lagi kana gunakan pasal mostly mouse and keyboard zaman sekarang menggunakan USB sudah.
Hehe but I am STILL using PS/2 type of keyboard and mouse. The reason is to reserve the USB ports for other USB devices. Inda jua kan mouse sama keyboard yang memajak USB slot atue, inda ja? Hahaha so since masih ada PS/2 ports, penuhkan saf-saf yang kosong.
So... Miana gayanya kan makai tue?... Sanang ja... Just place the key logger IN BETWEEN the keyboard and the PS/2 keyboard port di belakang komputer biskita. OK tia! hehe inda payah install any software. Plug-and-Forget *aiseh*... The key logger has memory built-in inside to record any key stroked and you do not have to worry if your Random Access Memory (RAM) rendah or maybe takut komputer jadi lagging since this device inda ada kena mengena sama system's operation.
The best part is that you can use it ANYWHERE and you can unplug it ANYTIME. In order to retrieve the stored data inside key logger, you will just need a typing program such as Notepad, Wordpad or even MS Word. Simply enter your password and menu-driven interface will be typed out. Simple?
As I mentioned earlier in the "Virtual Keyboard" post under Security category, this device is usually used by those anak-anak IT with BAD intentions. Again, it depends on you on how are you going to use it. If biskita "ajar" anak damit biskita berbuat baik, then ia mengikut. But if biskita "ajar" untuk membuat perkara yang tidak baik, paham-paham biskita la tue aa...
In my case, I write programs and even website and so I need a BACK-UP if something happen to the machine mana la tau temparik mengajut inda lagi sampat di"save" so I'll just retrieve it from the device *yes it happened once haha but bukan pasal temparik*
Other than that, it also act as my personal protection mana la tau one day ada "urang" makai my computer tanpa izin so that I could monitor their activities easily ;) hehe but those yang membaca ani and saying "ohhh panyaaa... nanti mun ku makai ku cabut dulu benda atu belakang komputer nya then abis pakai pasang balik" think twice pasal this is only the HARDWARE solution to that. I haven't mention about the SOFTWARE alternative hehe apa nya urang jaman dahulu "pandai-pandai baidup".
Sekian. Wassalam.