Is there such a thing as "Good Design"?

Salam Anak IT.
Good design... Who can tell me what is a good design?... Nice colour?... "Nyaman mata meliat"?... Well the right answer is "UP TO YOU"...
The simplest example would be, just look at this page's layout and design... The one who designed the layout will say that it is "techy" based on his analysis with other users before the layout has been implemented... But some of your eyes might be different... There is a possibility that some of us might say "I prefer it to be PINKY" or even "lawa lagi kanak-kanak kindergarden punya lukisan" and so on... But do you think majority of people will think the same way as you think?... Again... It's a NO... That is when at least you need to understand certain points.
In designing, there will be no word as "I, Me, We, Us, My BF/GF" but it is all about "Him/Her, Them, They, You" (credits for Hj Idham ITB). What I mean is that we need to make sure who are our TARGET AUDIENCES. From there, we will start jotting down other points such as the purpose of the requested design, colour, theme, style, structure etc. THEN we will decide on what technologies required to complete the designing process.
Talking about colours, different people with different opinion on colours. As example, which one of the three colours below do you prefer?
Some people might choose 1st, some 2nd, some 3rd and probably MOST of us will say "my FAVOURITE COLOUR is not listed so I don't bother...". Remember, in designing there is no "I, Me, We, Us, My BF/GF". I've been facing with clients that choose colours based on their FAVOURITE ONE. I'd like to share something that might be useful for you and it has been my strongest attitude or I should say "PENDIRIAN". A word "professional" does not and will never embedded with "personal"; and so does "professional designing". I would like to elaborate and share more on the word "professional" based on my own opinion but hehe we are not in the right category.
So back to square one nya c boboi KristalFM, it is really tough for people to determine a really good design since we have different ways of thinking on certain things. InsyaAllah in the near future, I will elaborate more on designing techniques such as step by step procedures, sketching, interface, colour theory dan yang sewaktu dengannya. Sekian.
P/S: In most cases, pictures can be part of the design as well ;) I will give examples in the next post regarding Design.