Join Innovation Day 2014!

It is December, the perfect month to enjoy, take a vacation, kick-back and relax from our ever so busy lives. But guess what? Anak IT has been brewin' up an event that you might be interested in. In our efforts to introduce technology, programming and scripting to everyone, especially in Brunei, we are hosting Hour Of Code event, at iCentre. Check out our poster below:

Interested? Come and join us! Too busy? Ask your friends and family to take over for ya! Did I mention that you'll get some prizes to win if you attend? I think I didn't. Yes, there's prizes. Come down this weekend and expand your coding skills with creative games and apps and exploration in the world of programming, coding and audio mixmastering.

The event starts at 9am, this Saturday (13/12/2014) until 6pm. Help us spread the word!