Play Games While Learning to Code

There are a lot of online resources out there that teaches you to code or program. Here at Anak IT, we strive to make this learning experience fun and unique to everyone striving to be next best programmer or coder. So instead of struggling with textbooks, here are some online resources that teaches you to learn how to code while at the same time, play some games!


Ever feel like swinging a sword or blocking with a shield with coding? You could if you played CodeCombat. This game teaches you Javascript, Coffeescript, Python, and a few other languages (currently at time of writing, still experimental). Your goal is predetermined by each dungeon. It’s free to play and learn!
Learn to code by playing codecombat at CodeCombat.com

Bonus: If you’re an expert already, you can create custom levels and design if you join their github project here. It uses CoffeeScript by the way.


This one is new and upcoming on indiegogo. It is an MMO Strategy game but with less mouse-clicking and keyboard shortcuts, and more scripting with Javascript. Check out the video below

The simulation game was awesome. You may need some level of understanding with Object Orient Programming and Arrays before attempting to play this game but fun nonetheless! Feeling strategic? Support the project by contributing some funds for their game project and let’s play!

Hack ‘n’ Slash game

Lastly, there’s a game that plays quite similar to the Legend of Zelda world. But instead in this world, you can change… things. Like the behavior of each game element and object, the attributes, the stats, the modes, and much more! It doesn’t really teach you to code but you might be able to grasp the understanding of game elements through this game of what each asset can do if you change its state.