SAFE IT: Quickly Read Through The "Terms of Service"

We have all been there. Reading too many legal things online before creating an account that we just skipped it and checked the checkbox "I agree to the terms and agreement stated in the Terms of Service" and whatever. But what if, not long after you make an account, they decide to abuse the information you put there of? You can't sue them, because they've mentioned it in the Terms of Service.

As part of +Anak IT Brunei 's initiative for using IT safely, you first need to learn what is the purpose of these Terms of Service.

What is Terms of Service?

According to Wikipedia,
Terms of service (also known as terms of use and terms and conditions, commonly abbreviated as ToS or TOS[1] and TOU) are rules which one must agree to abide by in order to use a service. Terms of service can also be merely a disclaimer, especially regarding the use of websites.
So therefore, if we sign up on Facebook/Twitter/Google+/LinkedIn, or any other site that plans on us, the people with their private information, to have an account with them, we need to understand what are these "rules" they set out for us.

Sure, that would mean that we have to waste 15-30 minutes of our time reading the Terms of Service. Whoever has time to read through, go ahead and its highly advisable. But for those who doesn't, here's an alternative solution. Let me introduce to you, Terms of Service Didn't Read.ORG

Terms of Service Didn't Read - TOSDR.ORG

Terms of Service Didn't Read Website Screenshot - tosdr.org

Using this service you'll be able to quickly read through a few lines of terms and you'll understand what you are getting yourself into. Ranging from not deleting your account, leveraging the information you put into the site for advertising purposes, using your profile picture for social marketing use, using your hobby information for research and then allow them to sell something to you, etc.

If you go into the website and scroll downwards, you'll find a list of websites with their ratings. Go on, have a look through. Use the search to find the website you signed up on and find out what they're doing to your account and information. Stay safe peeps!

TOSDR Ratings - tosdr.org