How to Receive Mobile Notifications on your PC?

Miana Kan Tue? #11

Once upon a time, for busy individuals, orang yang bekerja ani terlalai. Ada tia orang berwhatsapp arah mobile tapi nda bejawab. Alasannya: Sorry bro... Aku berfocus arah kaja ku dapan2 laptop membuat repot.
Miana kan dapat tahu ada notification ani? Orang besibuk!

There are 2 ways to do this:
  1. PushBullet
  2. AirDroid


PushBullet Logo

PushBullet is available on Android where you can download and install on your phone/tablet and PC.
An example of a PushBullet Incoming Call Notification. Image from AndroidChief

So as soon as you receive notifications on your phone you will receive the same notifications on your PC (as illustrated above). Also available at the iTunes App Store.


AirDroid Logo

AirDroid is available for Android only. Similar to PushBullet, however it does more than just notify you on your computer. You can also transfer files/urls/messages/medias. Normally, we would transfer via USB cable. But with this, you can now transfer using WiFi. Pretty neat.
AirDroid web interface. Image from phonetipz