Run anything at Window's Startup

Have you ever wonder how to make your favorite application to run automatically every time you starting up your computer? If you do then you should follow these few easy steps. For this demonstration, I will be using Windows XP Professional but I believe this might also work with other Microsoft's Operating Systems such as Windows Vista/7.
First, go to Start>Programs and then look for "Startup"
Second, right click on the "Startup" and click "Open"
The "startup" folder will appear. This is where you can put any application's shortcut that you want it to run automatically when the windows started up.
As example, I put Mozilla Firefox's shortcut that I copied from desktop
After you are done, restart your computer and see what will happen. Selamat mencuba~
Sekian. Wassalam...

P/S : This method also applies not only to shortcuts but to real file as well. Try to create new text file inside the startup folder and fill the text file with anything you want such as reminder or "To do" list then restart your computer.