Online Photo Editor

The print screen image you see above this text is from pixlr.com, an online photo editor hosted by netfirms.com. It was suggested to me the other night and I decided to check it out, so now I've decided to give a short review about it. There are some pros and cons of using this online photo editor which I would like to discuss. First of all, the pros of using it:
1. It is pretty user-friendly
2. It's like an online version of Adobe Photoshop
3. Shortcuts that you would normally use for photoshop can be used in here too, e.g. ctrl+z for undoing mistakes or ctrl+m for curve adjustment.
4. You can create your own brush, like such
5. You can change the language to the desired language, except Malay.
6. It has the Tilt-Shift effect which is not included in Adobe Photoshop (I'm not quite sure about the upcoming Adobe Photoshop CS5 though)
7. Every basic function is there and you can just skim through the page to find it.
That's basically all the pros I can figure out for now. The cons, however, are:
1. You MUST have access to the internet to use this online photo editor.
2. The Lasso tool is only limited to two, which are Free-hand and Polygonal Lasso tool
3. There is only a limited number of effects you can use (probably to decrease slow loading of the page)
4. The brush you create is only limited to a number of shapes, unless you can find brushes in .pbr format to load into the editor.
5. The texts are also limited to that offered in the online photo editor text options.
6. If you have slow internet connection, you'll experience some lags in processing the commands you entered.
In conclusion to this short review, I'd just like to state that, with all the pros and cons, I think that it's quite alright to use this online photo editor, especially if you don't want to take up memory space in your laptop/desktop. This would be good practice as well for beginners of photo editing because of user-friendliness. I might be wrong on some points that I've stated earlier, but do try it out and see if you like it.
You won't get anywhere without experimenting in life.