Switching to Ubuntu From Windows

Salam Anak IT readers~

Switching to Ubuntu? When I told couple of friends about Ubuntu, they are eager to swith their laptop into Ubuntu without having any ideas what it actually is and how different the environment compared to their beloved Windows OS.

When I installed Ubuntu on their laptop, barang yang jadi rungutan bisdia is "jeng... nada MS office kah? cana kan buat kraja ku ne..." =)

There you go... Bisdia inda 100% READY for the "hijrah"... Most of them eager mau Ubuntu sal apa nah?... "Lawa bah interface nya"... Hahahaha... But I can't blame them because they are already comfortable with Windows OS and "FEAR" factor is what usually make them stay with it.

Anyway, to those yang dalam dilemma or nya urang kitani baru-baruan kan try out Ubuntu, I only can assist you on alternative applications you could use with Ubuntu OS. First, you may read this "Switching to Ubuntu from Windows" article... You will find there are many alternatives to your favourite Windows application but of course mula-mula makai andang payah sikit... Just like how you use Adobe Photoshop for the very first time... Good luck!

Here are some useful sites to look for Windows apps' alternatives:
I am not actually directly stating that I am not a Windows fan/user any more but it is true that there are several reasons why I choose Ubuntu and one of them is just a word, Humanitarian.

Hopefully that could help you to explore Ubuntu further or at least will let you do your work anytime and anywhere. Sekian.