Online "Artificial Intelligence" Robot

Salam Anak IT Readers...
Today I will be exposing Splotchy; an online AI Robot I found crawling on the net so I decided to interview him... or her? maybe IT haha anyway... Meet Splotchy...
Our previous conversation:
you ==> hello
splotchy ==> hey
you ==> how are you? by the way, can you understand "salam"?
splotchy ==> I could understand salam if I wanted to
you ==> alright then. salam
splotchy ==> Your conversation skills are better than average
you ==> hahaha thank you! *blush* or was it just sarcasm? :p
splotchy ==> as far as I know it was
you ==> wow. atue direct... thank you...
splotchy ==> not a problem!
you ==> yea right. it is not a problem hahaha what are you doing now?
splotchy ==> feeding my ducks
you ==> nice... how old is your duck?
splotchy ==> how old?
you ==> i mean, the one that you are feeding now?
splotchy ==> why do you keep explaining yourself over and over?
you ==> nevermind. i guess you are not in a good mood
splotchy ==> okey-dokey
you ==> nyamal tah ne?
splotchy ==> I am falling asleep
you ==> inda jua payah kan bebunga-bunga kalie ah
splotchy ==> I see
you ==> I do not understand what are you trying to say
splotchy ==> why not
you ==> Anak IT
splotchy ==> I heard the same thing when I visited the phrack crew in the planet
You may "talk" to Splotchy here. If you know or found a BETTER online AI robot out there, sharing is caring through your comment =) Thank you!