Reuse - Laptop Cooling Fan

Salam Anak IT.
Last time I posted an article on "Another way to make use your USB Extension Cable". The objective is to re-use any computer parts or computer related thing yang langsung inda lagi bepakai into something more useful. Today I have another "junk" for that.
It is my laptop's Cooling Fan jenis "portable". Since I seldom use my laptop, my cooling fan ampai-ampai tah ganya... So daripadanya ampai-ampai, tantu digunakan in other different way...
We all know that mostly (or maybe semua) cooling fan yang bejual di kadai atue makai USB cable as its power source's channel/medium... So... I was thinking... Is it possible if tane pakai USB device (usually around 5 volts) ke karan dinding (200+ volts)? Inda melatup ka tue if modify the wire then connect ke socket karan dinding? Hahaha obviously SOMETHING bad would happen... So I didn't try that out like I usually did... Then... I was thinking again... Of another alternative...
Tadaaa~ I saw this plug "ampai-ampai" sebalah my printer... So I smiled hahahaha you know what I was thinking... This converter plug is not an ordinary plug... It converts the current's voltage (and other elements which I am not familiar with since I am not an Electrical personnel) into USB's international standard voltage so that any USB devices can have power supply from any ordinary wall plug's current (lurus ka tue? haha).
The result? I used it as a cooling fan for both internet modem and router in the house. Well maybe not as good as "kipas angin" but just enough to ventilate the devices.
Time malam inda belampung. Bisai dijadikan lampung untuk tidur.

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Sekian. Wabillahittaufiq walhidayah.

P/S : Good luck for those who are having exams especially those yang from UBD, ITB & UNISSA... Exam fever~ =)