Notion Ink's The Adam Release

Salam Anak IT.
Based on my previous article on "The Adam - Android Pad", I mentioned that it might be released on November *liat calendar* yes November but I think it will not come out to market any time soon. The following phrase is taken from Notion Ink's blog:
"We are on time for this and you could hold devices in your hands on or before Christmas (and as hinted earlier, if we miss Christmas, then CES or New Year). Pre-booking will start in early December (if the case id prior). Already received FCC for the chargers!"
Based on their statement, The Adam will surely be released on December next month. You may visit their blog by clicking here or anywhere here. Bwuahuwhuahuwa =) Anyway here are some of the screenshots of The Adam:

What I only know is that we can pre-book The Adam early December and some sources stated that the price will be less than USD500 (around BND700?...). For those yang ketinggalan atue you may read my previous post regarding this little guy by clicking here, but not here.
Sekian, saja mengupdate about this long waited Android Tablet =) wassalam...